Mother daughter role reversal - Characters

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Mother daughter role reversal - Characters

Emma Maree Jones

A chubby and large girl for her 12 years of age she is the biggest girl in her grade she is manipulating highly intellectual and does not easily take no for a answer

Clair Jones

A loving mother small in stature heavily relies on her husband Richard to make the big decisions would rather just go with the flow and does not handel confrontation well

Emma was excited it was school holidays and she would be spending 5 weeks at home and the best part was her father whom she loved would be away for this time in short this meant that she would be able to get away with a lot more as Dady was the disciplinarian. Emma's mother Clair was on the other hand a bit apprehensive as her husband would be away the entire time meaning a lot of the major decision making would be left up to her. One saving grace was that Emma would be home and she was a wiz on the computer and would be able to help her with all the online banking and such.

Emma can you come downstairs please coming mum she yelled back Emma I need to pay a bill on line with the credit card but it just won't work can you help. With that Clair gave Emma the online access codes and passwords within a couple of minutes Emma had it all sorted one more thing sweetie I can't log onto my face book I'll need to chat with dad on messenger and I can't get in Clair gave Emma her passwords and within a few minutes Emma had it sorted.

You know mum sometimes I think you should be the daughter and I should be you they both laughed as this was an on going joke between them and look mum I've grown were the same height and size now I bet our clothes would even fit each other. Well Emma said Clair you know I think your right maybe one day to give me a break you can be the mum and I'll be Emma playing with my toys while you take care of me.

Hearing her mother say these things and referring to herself as Emma brought a tingling sensation through Emma's 12 year old body it made her quiver and go week at the knees. Any way missy lets toss a coin heads you choose the movie tails I choose

  1. Emma wins the toss and chooses the movie
  2. Clair wins the toss and chooses the movie

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