Five Nights in Anime - FNIA- The beginning

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Five Nights in Anime - FNIA- The beginning

Jon had just gotten to the pizzeria. After seeing a Craigslist he applied and a woman with a phone hanging around her head greeted her and said she'd be starting tonight according to what the Phone girl's boss had told her. He smiled and wished her a good day and went home, after finishing his college work and taxes he took a few hour nap and when he woke it was time. Shortly after he got dressed in his blue button up shirt with a name tag saying his name "Jon" and putting on a blue cap that said "Freddy Fazbear's Anime Convention" he looked in the mirror combing his straight hair and splashing water into his clean shaven face as his blue eyes focused and blinked and his hairless hands connected to hairless arms were stuffed into his pocket as he took a deep breath and smiled before looking himself in the those same eyes.

"C'mon Jon, You gotta look sharp for your first night on the job. He always liked this place and the pay is gonna help pay off your college loans." He said reassuring himself, confident he was gonna do well he headed out in his plain white socks blue sweat pants and black shiny shoes and started up his car before he drove to the convention. When he got there he entered using the keys he was given, he saw the animetronics. "Well girls looks like I'm the new guy, please go easy on me in my first night alright?" He joked and chuckled before heading to the office though while passing the cove Fozy resided in he couldn't have sworn he heard someone whisper "See you soon~" he shrugged it off as new job jitters and headed inside the office and sat down in the swivel chair. It was 11:58 when he heard the phone ring, after letting it ring a few times he picks up the phone on the bright red dial up phone and put it to his ear, luckily the wire for the phone was really long. "Hello, hello, hello." Came a familiar female voice he recognized as the woman from earlier with the same kind of phone with wire though it was seemingly ripped out of its cradle.

The woman's voice snapped him out of his recollection and he listened closely to what she said. "Hi there! Your the new guy who came today right?" She asked, "Yeah it's me." I told her "Well let me give you some information to help you settle down on your first night" she said cheerfully "Alright then" He nodded. "So the first thing you need to know is that the animetronics at night tend to well...wander around a bit..." she hesitated. He couldn't believe what he had just heard "Wait wh-?!" "Now be for you dream out any worse I want to assure you that there's really nothing to worry about. I'm sure you remember being here before am I right?" She asked. "Yeah...he admitted they were always so nice...Nd I loved coming here...I never tired of coming here and talking to them or playing videogames with them..." he said reminiscing.

"Exactly, I don't want to brag or anything by I actually got to talk to them due in the day when the public wasn't in yet or already had been in. There really nice and can even feel emotions and react just like you or me." Now this to surprised him "They can?...". "It surprised me when I first found out about it to but ita true!" He pondered this as she continued "So even though that's true they unfortunately don't have a proper night mode so try to show you a "good time" if you know what I mean." She said "Oh..." he blushed knowing that you couldn't sex with animatronic so that mean...well...he blushed again "Yeah...she said and they dont entirely know there own strength so they might accidentally kill you if that happens...". While hearing the chance of death was not encouraging he was a bit happier that it wouldn't be intentional, and if he wasn't Africa of offending her and of immediate retribution from something he would have said that he thought that sounded like a good way to die.

"Yeah..." she blushed herself "So check the cameras and close the doors if you see them outside the windows, however you have limited electricity due to us want in to keep the electric bill from bow sky high so once you have run out of power the doors will open all the way up as to make sure your not trapped in there until morning, reason being is that we have computers keeping the doors open and if
they run out of power you won't be able to use the doors anymore..." she explained "Ok got it" he said confidently "Alright well I'll call again tommorow, until then check those cameras and the windows using the lights and ill talk to you tommorow morning" she disconnected and he checked the cameras.

Bonnie the blue bunny with a good rack was on the stage alongside her companion a yellow babe named chica with a rack about twice the size and she was right beside a bear like brown babe named freddy who had animal ears to but unlike Bonnie's bunny ears, Freddy had bear like ears and a black bowtie unlike Bonnie's bowtie. He took a deep breath then exhaled "Ok, I...can do this. I'm ready for my first night...I am ready...for Freddy.
(There will be paths to choose from but I'll also have regular actions in case you'd prefer those so you can choose it only if you want to.)
  1. The TF path
  2. The TF/ TG path
  3. The TG path
  4. The Normal path
  5. The Dark path
  6. Jon checks the cameras
  7. Jon checks the windows though its to early for anything to be there
  8. He sees if the speakers are working...considering he had a mic in his office
  9. He checks the closet to see what's there
  10. He looks through the office
  11. He squeaks the nose on the poster
  12. He feels tired
  13. He feels brave...perhaps brave enough to venture outside the office...maybe...
  14. Unexpected visitor of some sort
  15. Something else
  16. Something else
  17. Something else
  18. Something else
  19. Something else
  20. Something else

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