American Transformation Story Hotel - Checking In

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American Transformation Story Hotel - Checking In

It was business as usual under the grey skies of Center City, tucked back on Shady Lane sat the Center City Hotel. Not the best and brightest lodging in the city with its sagging exterior and a few cracked windows, but it fit right in. Through the front doors and down the stained carpet that smelled of spilt alcohol and old cigarette smoke stood the manager Mrs. Lucy Farr as she waited for any new arrivals to stumble thier way into her humble abode.

She is standing there when she hears the door chimes go off and she looks up t see her customer is
  1. The owner of the hotel, a spoiled heiress that just inherited it from her great uncle.
  2. A white redneck couple from the south.
  3. A nice family from the Midwest.
  4. A pair of snobby sorority sisters.
  5. A pair of rude fraternity brothers.
  6. Sokething Else

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