A Story of Two Girls - Before we start..

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A Story of Two Girls - Before we start..

This story focuses on the romantic adventures between our two protagonists: Rynne Tyson and Settie Cole

Rynne is light, blonde, with an overall androgynous appearance, aged 17. Height is 5'7, weight is 110 lbs., hair cut pixie-style short, big brown eyes and freckles. She likes cats and pleasing others. Though a bit airheaded at times, she's also very determined in what she wants to do and who she likes to be with.

Settie is smaller, with messy, shoulder-length black hair and grumpy blue eyes. She is 16 years old, height is at 5'4 and weight is at 105 lbs. She has a thicker build than Rynne, but isn't particularly curvy, with only the slightest pear-shape building on to her hips. She likes cooking and music, but isn't particularly social.

The girl you pick will determine the point of view for the following story. Out of the two, which do you prefer?

  1. Rynne
  2. Settie

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