With the Flip of a Coin - Something else

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With the Flip of a Coin - Something else

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The coin slipped through his fingers and landed on the floor, tails side up.

"Well, hopefully something like that happens. I should probably get back to my apartment."

-3 hours later-

Mr. Schmidt was sitting behind the counter of the apartment complex when he noticed a miserable looking Paul Scott enter... with only his boxers on.

"Mr. Scott-"

"Mugged four times! FOUR TIMES IN THREE HOURS! I literally have only a penny left to my name right now, save for the stuff in my room. I'm almost surprised they let me keep my box-"

"Yeah, you've lost your room, and all the stuff in it." Mr. Schmidt had had it with Paul not paying, and now he was kicked out.

Paul stared at the old geezer, gob-smacked. "Can't I at least go get some of my clothes?"

"Check the dumpster out back. It's probably all been stolen by some bum by now, though."

-1 hour later-

And so Paul Scott, age 48, was sitting in stained jeans and shirt on a curb, flipping a coin up and down and muttering to himself. "I wish-"

  1. I wish I was rich
  2. I wish I had a better life
  3. I wish I could get my apartment back
  4. Something Else
  5. Something Else
  6. Something Else

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