With the Flip of a Coin - Head (He is turned into an attractive woman)

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With the Flip of a Coin - Head (He is turned into an attractive woman)

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Suddenly Paul feels as if he is on fire, a burning sensation spreads through his body seemingly scorging his insides. He asks for water, but no one comes to his rescue. Stumbling he moves away from the table, and into the restroom. He splashes water in his face, and tries to drink from the tap, but nothing helps. Stumbling backwards he falls into an empty stall.

He covers his face with his hands, breathing heavily, and feels as if his features are shifting. He takes a look at his hands, which suddenly seem dainty and small. His nails are longer than usual and painted a bright red. Then the feeling changes, the burning is replaced by an overwhelming erotic feeling. His penis grows erect, but then retreats into his body morphing into a wet vagina with a throbbing clut. He curls his toes in his shoes, that seem far to large now, and as he clenches the muscles in his legs, he starts losing height. Soon he stood merely 5fth3 in heels. His body hair falls out, and long black curls fall across his face as his hair grows out. His waist shrinks till a petite size, while his hips flare out and his buttocks become round yet firm. The buttons of his shirt were holding on for their life, as two large breasts grew from his chest. The DDs were so sensetive that his vagina grew even wetter, while his hard nipples brushed against the fabric of his shirt. '

Paul, or Paulina, carefully scrambled to her feet, which were now in high heels, and managed to leave the stall. She soon found herself staring into a pair of big doey eyes with large dark lashes. Her face was finely sculpted with high cheeck bones and plump lips. She brushed the large curls from her face, and admired her figure. Her clothes were the last to change, and she soon found herself in a pair of skintight skinny jeans, displaying her round butt, and a button down shirt which displayed a fair amount of cleavage.

Paulina knew she was the kind of woman that could get whatever she wanted, when she wanted it. Yet, she did not know if she wanted to stay like this. Paul's mind was racing, as he held onto the coin in his hand like his last life line.

  1. Head (Paulina wants to be a man again, and turns into a muscular and hairy lumberjack type)
  2. Tails (Paulina wants to be a man again, but becomes a complete blonde bimbo instead)
  3. Pauline wants to explore her new life
  4. Actually, Paul forgot the coin at the table and someone else found it
  5. Something else
  6. Something else

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