Three Word Wand - The Wand

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Three Word Wand - The Wand

There is a wand in this world that can cause great happiness, or horrible misery. It operates based on any three words the user says in the moment they wave it at a person. Anything is possible for the wand, so users should take caution.

The wand, like many mystical artifacts does have it's restrictions and rules. As mentioned it is bound to a three word phrase for activation, but is not picky. Should it's caster be careless and wave it while saying three words it could activate accidentally.

The magic of the wand will rebound if it strikes a reflective surface such as a mirror or window. It is not guaranteed to reflect back upon the caster, but will refract based on the angle of impact.

The distance between the caster and their target is inconsequential. As long as the magic has a clear shot it can hit a target from any distance away.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULES OF THE WAND ARE AS FOLLOWS. The wand will telepathically try to instruct it's owner on how it works, but the information does not come instantaneously, requiring extended time physically in the users possession to divulge it's full secrets. Once a person has been struck by the wand's magic they will be aware of how they have changed, and become perceptible to seeing future changes made by the wand, as long as they knew the victim's old past. Reality will alter so everyone around the victim save for them and the caster will believe reality is as it always was, despite the alterations. Finally, the wand will change hands from the caster to the victim once it has been used, and the wand's power will be in the control of it's new possessor.

In this modern age the wand finds itself in the possession of...
  1. A grocery store worker
  2. A high school boy
  3. A cheerleader
  4. A bartender
  5. An overweight woman
  6. A womanizer
  7. A feminist
  8. A bimbo
  9. Something else
  10. Something else

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