With the Flip of a Coin - Chapter 1 (Aint that just the most imaginitive title?)

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With the Flip of a Coin - Chapter 1 (Aint that just the most imaginitive title?)

(Immediate Rules for the Arzu Stone:
1. Don't talk about Arzu stone... no seriously, anyone who is in possession of it will not be able to speak about it or its powers.

2. Don't feed it after midnight... ok, lie on that one. But any wish made by it can be reversed only after the next stroke of midnight. Alterations are allowed, but no outright reversals.

3. Finally, whether or not the person wielding it knows about the change in reality they make or not will depend what they flip their first time. If they flip heads, they'll notice any changes made by the coin, unless someone else wishes them not to. If they flip tails their first go around, they'll never be able to see the alterations made.

4. Alright, now for the important one. If a person makes a wish or statement while flipping the coin, that coin will alter reality. It'll grant the wish the person made if it lands on heads. It'll either release a random alteration, or more than not do the complete opposite of the wish if it lands on tails.

5. Actually, we'll just leave it at those four rules. Sorry if this seems like a lot, but I dunno. I feel like you can still let your imagination have a lot of room even with these in place. Have fun.

(Alright, setting up story time)

13 year old Billy smiled as he stood by his little sister Danni. Earlier that day he'd gotten a coin that, after he'd flipped it, had turned his old crappy tv into a new flat screen, and had made his family a little more wealthy. All after he had been muttering to himself about wishing he had a new tv!

After that, his mom had taken the two of them out shopping. She was busy trying on clothes, and Danni, being the seven year old that she was, was complaining heavily.

"I'm boooooooooored!" She half said, half wailed, and moving about in her chair. Billy gave her an annoyed look.

"Can't you sit still and shut up for five minutes!" He snarled.

"Imma tell mom you're being a jerk again!" She screamed at his face.

Billy went to retort, but then remembered the coin in his pocket. He shrugged and walked off a bit, all while Danni continued to complain. He pulled out the coin after going behind some clothes.

"I wish my sister Danni was older, and more mature."

The coin flipped and landed on tails, but Billy didn't even bother to see, as he was too busy being confused on where his sister had gone to. Instead of a child on a seat, there was nobody. There was, however a lone stroller parked by the chairs, with the baby inside apparently throwing a hissy fit.

"Well, I don't know where she is... but I don't think I want to be the younger sibling." Danni always used to go on about how she'd pick on Billy worse than he did her if she were older, and even if she was apparently more mature, he didn't want to push his luck.

Plus, if he were an adult, he wouldn't have to wait for his mom, who was taking FAR too long in the changing room.

"I wish I was the older sibling, and that I was a 21 year old man." Billy spoke as he flipped the coin. Even if this somehow backfired, he could always change ba-

Billy vanished as the coin landed, tails side up. He reappeared beside the screaming baby. He felt something constraining him, and looked down to find he was inside a giant stroller! He tried to move, his limbs feeling extremely off.

It was then he saw his limbs, and how short, and stubby they were.

'What's going on?' he wanted to say, but all that came out was a bunch of gurgled noises.

Despite being a rather slow kid, Billy figured out what had happened. That coin had changed him into a baby. Why did this happen? He had wished to be older, this was the exact opposite. WHAT GIVES!

Then, finally, his mom exited the changing room. She sighed as she picked up the other baby from the stroller.

"Daniela, why can't you be more like your little sister Willow and stay calm?"

As Daniela simmered slightly, Billy processed what that sentence fully entailed.

'So I'm a baby girl with a slightly older sister now? I gotta fix this!'

The final surprise for Billy/Willow came as he/she searched around for the coin, but came up empty. As this realization dawned upon him/her, the reaction came naturally.

"Willow," the mother of two sighed, exasperated. "I just got Daniela to calm down! Did you really have to pick up where she left off?"

Meanwhile the coin sat on the floor, until a certain someone came along to find it.

Who might that have been?
  1. Paul Soctt, an adult man
  2. Ursula Kyte, an adult woman
  3. Ted Brown, a teenage boy
  4. Erica Smith, a teenage girl
  5. Ike Jacobs, a child
  6. Tina Reeds, a child
  7. Someone else
  8. Someone else

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