Heroes Wishes Granted (Marvel Version) - Bored in Hell

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Heroes Wishes Granted (Marvel Version) - Bored in Hell

Hell can be boring at one point. When existence is only chaos, that's order. It's like how they say a universe made entirely of anti-matter would just be matter.

I'm the Devil, I can get bored. Sometimes life can feel like a routine for me.I shouldn't be judged about that. I've tried watching Earth-616 for entertainment, I've even meddled; but that got boring too. You can only do so much.

So I thought, what if I changed things up for the heroes of that dimension? That could be fun! What if I gave them the one thing they truly wanted? But it comes with a price, a most entertaining price!
So I will give, but they will lose in exchange. Their looks, their minds, their very identities! Oh, what fun this will be! The Lord of Lies shall weave new truths!
  1. Start with the Avengers
  2. Start with the X-Men
  3. Start with the Fantastic Four
  4. Start with Shield
  5. Start with the Guardians of the Galaxy
  6. Start with Asgard
  7. something else

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