Ms. Frost's School for Gifted Sissies - Something else

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Ms. Frost's School for Gifted Sissies - Something else

Parent Chapter

"Young lady, where's your uniform?" Emma said sternly, making the laugh lines on her face more visible. Her stance, firm and strict, made her slight pouche all the more visible. Still, for someone in their early fifties she was quite fit.

Scott felt confused, why did he need one? Also, does Emma think she's a girl?

"Emma, it's me, Scott." He said in a high-tone voice. Far more feminine than Emma's now, which was more mature and deep.

"Is it?" Emma said puzzled. "I'm sorry, for a second there I thought you were a student."

"Why would you think that?" Scott asked, insulted. He was starting to feel very insecure and intimidated at the sight of Ms. Frost. And for some reason, he couldn't stop thinking of how messy his hair looked.

"Well, sorry, sweetie. But you do resemble a child. Especially with that skirt."


  1. Scott notices his skirt
  2. Scott talks about his hair
  3. Emma acts more strict to Scott
  4. Emma behaves more maternal to Scott
  5. another X-men comes in, changed
  6. More changes to Scott and Emma
  7. something else

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