The students of transformation U - The students of transformation U

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The students of transformation U - The students of transformation U

These are the student at transformation U
feel free to add more students now enjoy
your stay at transformation U

Lilly white: race:black hair color: black eye
color: Brown height :5'5, Lillly is an A
student she is a very nice and caring
person she is very dedicated to her craft
.she is slim and has small boobs and no
ass,she likes Mark she is friends with
Sarah and Natasha she hates
stereotypical black people and blonde
bimbos and rednecks

Mark Smith: (race: white, hair color: dark
brown, eye color : blue, height: 6'1,) Mark
has long dark brown hair makes good
grades he is nice to everyone he is very
friendly and friends with everyone on
campus he has some muscle tone but he
is nit very muscular he doesn't hate

Sarah Collins: (race: black, hair color:
black with blonde streaks, eye color:
Brown, height: 5'4) sarah is abit of a slut
but she is very smart she always dresses
skimpy but like she wears short shorts or
skirts and small shirts to show offher
toned body and DD boobs lately she has
been eyeing tim and Scott

Scott masterson: (race: white, hair color:
brown, eye color: green, height: 5'9) Scott
is a stoner he has long dreadlocks and is
close friends with mark he likes to make
fun of lilly and sarah because they are
black but he secretly likes black women
more or less sarah he just won't admit it

Natasha: (race: biracial,hair color: dark
Brown, eye color: brown, height: 5'4)
Natasha is the possibilily the smartest girl
on campus she is super shy she is very
timid and very nice she has a nice slim
body but covers
it up but like Lilly she hates stereotypical

Tim scottson: (race:white, hair color:
blonde, eye color: blue, height6'4) Tim is
the a muscular football player who
always shows his 'guns' Off he and Mark
do not get along

Brittany Williams: (race:white, hair color:
blonde, eye color: blue, height: 5'4)
Brittany is the biggest slut on campus she
sucks off every guy she can she is most
likely the stupidest person on campus
she is hated by most women on campus
  1. The students go to the zoo at night.
  2. The students visit the transformation mall.
  3. Lilly looks for something to do on campus.
  4. Sarah.
  5. Tim.
  6. Scott.
  7. Natasha.
  8. Mark
  9. Britttany.
  10. something else

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