The House of Changes - Invitations

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The House of Changes - Invitations

(The premise of this is based heavily on some RPs I've done with several people in the past, so thanks to them for this. I figured the changes could include such things as weight gain, uglification, breast reduction, breast expansion, butt expansion, age progression, libido and hunger increases, and so on.)

The game was set. And it would be fun. But the designer of the game, and the wand that would prove instrumental for it... was a total mystery. And wished to remain that way... for now at least.

The premise was moderately simple. A number of celebrity women had been invited to a large house out of the way. Hardly in the middle of nowhere, but enough to remain... private, for the time being. They had been told numerous reasons for this, such as reality TV shows, music contract auditions... so on, so forth... Yet none was true. They were only here for the "game" itself, and the orchestrator of it only wished to watch. Only a few would arrive at first... But soon, more may arrive...

Once they'd arrived, they would discover a mysterious wand, along with brief, though incomplete instructions on it. The instructions would explain that the wand could be used to curse someone, making small changes at a time. However, there were some twists to this, twists not explained in the instructions.

Firstly, when a spell was fired at someone, changing them, the wand would vanish from the hands of whoever had just used it. It would then land in the hands of the victim of that curse. So if Person 1, for example, used it on Person 2 successfully, Person 1 would lose the wand, and Person 2 would gain it after their changes. Therefore, they would all get little turns to change each other like that.

However, they could not use it on themselves. And if they were unable to use the wand at all for whatever reason, such as being too distracted for whatever reason, or their hands full or whatever, they might drop the wand, allowing someone else to grab it. In addition, a spell may miss and hit an unintended target, or even hit a reflective surface such as a window or mirror. This would cause it to bounce off, possibly even reflecting it upon the caster.

The result? Hopefully, soon to be utter chaos, with some very changed (hopefully for the worse) celebrities! But who would be the first women into the house?
  1. Kristen Stewart, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Elle MacPherson, and Olivia Wilde
  2. Katie "Jordan" Price, Olivia Munn, Taylor Swift, and Heidi Montag
  3. Kate Hudson, Kendra Wilkinson, Cameron Diaz, and Vivica Fox
  4. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Katie Holmes, and Cheryl Cole
  5. Kym Marsh, Cheryl Burke, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson
  6. Eva Mendes, Kaley Cuoco, Megan Fox, and Mila Kunis
  7. Some of the celebrities from the above options, though in a different combination (1).
  8. Some of the celebrities from the above options, though in a different combination (2).
  9. Some of the celebrities from the above options, though in a different combination (3).
  10. Another group of celebrities (1).
  11. Another group of celebrities (2).
  12. Another group of celebrities (3).

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