The Magic Slippers - The magic slippers appear

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The Magic Slippers - The magic slippers appear

My name is Harle a 21 year old girl lining in my own. One of the craziest things happened to me.. Tee hee and I figure I would tell you my story. These large pink magic jester slippers with jingle bells on the toes and ankles were at the side of my bed one night, how they got there I have no idea! I wake up to get water and when I step out of bed my feet slip right into the the slippers! I can't take them off! Suddenly they stay walking and jingling with each step and I have to walk with them even though I and resisting and trying not to walk! I am panicking!

They slippers walk me over to a box in the middle of my room. I never saw this box before! I open it after they keep making my foot tap it. There are gloves a ruffle collar, vertical striped leggings leggings, a half pink half greenish blue jumpsuit that goes just to my knees and has Ruffles on the ends of where my knees and hands come out, and a two point jester hat to match. The slippers keep lightly tapping the gloves so I put them on but I'm scared!

Then the gloves take over and I move my hands and put the leggings on and jumpsuit ruffle collar and hat. Suddenly the back zipper of the costume zips up and disappears and I can't get it off.

The jingly slippers walk me to my closet door and my gloves hands open the door which reveals a colorful portal. I step in And some how I am transported to a circus yet I am off in the far distance. These slippers make me walk in the direction to this circus......

  1. A clown jumps out at me
  2. I trip on my big fluffy slippers
  3. The circus music starts to make me feel silly
  4. I start getting clown memories!
  5. I start to love circuses!
  6. Being a clown turns me on ;)
  7. Jesters make me laugh
  8. I feel kinda cute and sexy in this costume
  9. Something else
  10. Something else
  11. Something else
  12. Something else
  13. Something else
  14. Something else
  15. Something else

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