Steven's New Universe - The start of Steven's New Universe

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Steven's New Universe - The start of Steven's New Universe

One day, Steven was out near the beach house sifting through the sands with his metal detector. The sunny opalescent skys brought splendor and serenity over Beach City, the serene town where he grew up. His three maternal figures, Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl sat atop the porch of their headquarters below the temple, bathing in the rays of the sun. The soft sand squished beneath his feet as the Gem-Human hybrid waved his metal wand.

Suddenly it beeped, alerting him of treasure underneath. "Oh boy! I knew dingy would net me super awesome sunken beach treasures!" The plump kid started digging beneath, scrambling for whatever his device found. After a bustling dig, Steven pulled it out. Shining and sparkling in the sun, it was...
  1. Another Magical Mirror
  2. A Mind Changing Ring
  3. A Magical Reality altering remote
  4. A glove made of gooey dripping Rubber
  5. An Inflatable Pooltoy
  6. A Mysterious Crystal
  7. A body-swapping stone
  8. A head-swapping wand
  9. A personality-altering pair of shades
  10. Pearl comes to look
  11. Amethyst comes to look
  12. Garnet comes to look
  13. Greg pulls by
  14. Sadie stops in
  15. Lars steals it first
  16. We go check on Peridot
  17. What's Lapis/Jasper doing (at the bottom of the ocean?)
  18. It's just dug up garbage..moving on
  19. Back on Homeworld...
  20. Something else, Anything else

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