Ghost Revenge - Timmy Park the angry ghost

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Ghost Revenge - Timmy Park the angry ghost

We all have to die, in life, I've tried to accept that. When my goldfish died, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was in junior high, and when my grandad had a stroke last month. I've tried. Please, believe me. As difficult a concept it may be, I've tried to see purpose in tragedy.

But I'm pissed about my death, it was unforgivable and ridicoulus. Some spoiled teen with his friends hit me when I was walking across the street at an intersection. Had the right away and they were apparently high on shrooms in their fucking jeep.

They got away with it, those rich bastards. My grandmother's birthday, I was the only family she had. Do you have any idea how terrible it was to see the pain my death caused that 80 year old? She just lost my grandad and she had to spend her afternoon at the mourge! I died because idiots don't give a fuck about who they harm with their fun. Where is the justice?


I refused to crossed over. No, not until ever single one of those pompous arses get a taste of what pain truly is.

Toby: Buff jock, dad's a lawyer. Rumored to be hung like a horse. A terrible driver.

Jessica: Toby's girlfriend, known as the sluttiest blonde in school. Loves being eighteen, no plans for the future.

Lisa: A bitch who sells drugs after school, secretly into Toby.

Sarah: a hot airhead

Jane: head-cheerleader, secretly in love with Sarah.

Brandon: Toby's best friend, kind of a dork. Toby only likes him because he's rich.

  1. Posses Toby
  2. Posses Jessica
  3. Possess Lisa
  4. Posses Sarah
  5. Posses Jane
  6. Posses Brandon
  7. something else

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