The Body Swap Collection - Introduction

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The Body Swap Collection - Introduction

I'm opening this Interactive for people who enjoy body swap stories. It can be M2F, F2M, F2F or M2M. The swap can be consensual, unwelcome or accidental, permenant or tempory. Single, or multiple swaps welcome.

Just a few rules to try to stick too. When you start a new storey leave plenty of branches before and after for others, so you don't use up a whole category to yourself. The charachters themselves must know they have swapped bodies, if they don't, if they don't it just becomes a story about two people going about thier lives. Whether they love it or hate it and whether anyone else knows they've swapped is up to you. Try to keep it relatively clean.

I have given some classic story acrcs below, but feel free to add your own.
  1. The Great Shift - a classic. A mysterious event causes the majority of the worlds population to randomly swap bodies
  2. Altered Fates - a classic. The Medalion of Zulo allows poeple to swap bodies by touching or touching clothes
  3. FOSE- A mysterious event causes people to swap bodies with the person they were fantising about.
  4. Reversal Rings-A pair of rings allow people to exchange bodies.
  5. The Deal or The Bet - A body swap after an agreement
  6. The Theft - A person's body is stolen through swapping.
  7. The Game - A magical game mixes things up
  8. The Revenge or The Punishment - A person finds themselves body swapped as an act of revenge or punishment.
  9. Your Choice
  10. Your Choice

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