Master Pc: the bully - Master Pc: The bully

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Master Pc: the bully - Master Pc: The bully

Master Pc: The Bully

Episode submitted by Daguss on Thu Sep 5 04:09:27 2013
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Hey all. I began this as a personal work, but hit several road blocks. I decided to post it here in the interactive section so maybe people can add their own versions and inspire me to move closer to completing my version by myself. I originally wanted the two main characters to change slowly, triggering each others changes somehow, as the boy becomes more and more the school's bimbo slut, while his former girlfriend becomes more and a scrawny nerd. But take it where you wish, just leave openings for other chapters. Would hate to get cock-blocked in my own story! Ha ha...(Cough) So, without further adieu, I give you my version of...

Master PC: The Bully
By Daguss
It was the end of a long day and 17 year old Mike Collins was glad of it. As the bell rang, he ran his hands through his hair, before grabbing his two English books, one for English, one for Literature, and made his way to his locker to grab his bag. He quickly dialed in the combo on his lock, and exchanged his books for his book bag. He slammed the locker shut and hoisted the back pack over his shoulders and made his way to the front door to meet his girlfriend. He thought about Heather, his girlfriend, for a moment. She was a cheerleader. Not captain of the squad, but still, one of the more popular ones. She had red hair and a rather curvy body, with a c cup bust. She was considered one of the most beautiful girls in school, ranking in third to the captain of the cheer Squad, Alex, and her friend Chloe.

Unlike most typical cheerleaders, though, Alex and Chloe weren�t really that bad. They were the ones that urged Heather to go out with Mike, due to his compassionate side. Though they were little pranksters, sometimes, they were ever vigilant, which was the reason Heather left her last boyfriend, a big shot football player on the team. Captain worthy, by no means, Eric Chow was 6 feet 5 inches of walking muscle, pride, and arrogance mixed in with a strong sex drive and the belief that every woman should have the pleasure of bedding him. His favorite past times included football, and convincing every pretty girl he came across that there was plenty of �The Chow� to go around. Unfortunately, most girls believed him. He had a clever streak a mile wide, though, which allowed him to cover the fact that he was cheating on Heather, regularly. Alex and Chloe had found out, though, and broke the news to her.

Mike and Heather got together a few weeks later, and had enjoyed each other�s company since then. �The Chow� was obviously upset about this, though. It seems that even though there was enough �Chow� to go around, he was very territorial. He proceeded to make life difficult for Mike for �stealing his girl�, and would do anything from bumping him in the hallways, to trying to catch him doing something embarrassing�fortunately that wasn�t easy, as Mike never did anything too embarrassing. He never showered after gym, or even used the public restrooms. Once those methods failed, though, Chow turned to more physical means, often leaving Mike with a busted lip or sore gut, sometimes both.

The funny thing was they had once been friends, back before middle school. After 7th grade, things started going downhill. Eric had started developing a mean streak. It started with a fight between Eric and Mike that festered into a fierce rivalry of sorts. Over the next few years, they were at each other�s throats scheming against each other, doing smear jobs on their reputations; a rumor of homosexuality here, an embarrassing poster there, and so on. As Eric joined the football team though, he bulked up. After that, Eric started resorting to more violence, than schemes. The school faculty actually had to keep watch on the two to make sure they didn�t kill each other. It didn�t much help matters that Eric had started picking on other kids too, extorting lunch money from the other kids for no other reason than a bigger allowance. The less attractive girls he would openly tease, without remorse. Of course, Mike being the good Samaritan, intervened frequently, and the fights would start anew.

Back in the hallway after school, a commotion drew Mike�s attention to a gathering crowd. �Chow�� Mike grumbled, clenching his fists. He pushed through the crowd, and saw Eric towering over a friend of his, Tony. Tony was on the lanky side, and at 5�9�� and 150 lbs, he wasn�t really a match for Chow. He tended to get bullied a lot, and of the 6 fights he�d been in with chow, three of them were over Tony.

Tony was sprawled on the floor, a mess of anime and papers strewed everywhere. Eric bowed down and picked up a manga. �What the fuck is this?� He teased. �You like this shit? My little sister watches this stuff. You a little girl, Tony?� He laughed at his own joke and threw the book at him. Tony winced, but otherwise didn�t move.

Mike had seen enough. He made a running leap at Chow, his fist connecting squarely with the hulk�s face. Eric, grunted and stumbled backwards. The crowd gasped in surprise. Mike turned to Tony. �Get up, you idiot!� he growled at him, before turning back, and nearly getting hit with a cinder block sized fist. He jumped back just in time, and the fist swished past his nose. By this time, the crows was cheering them on, yelling taunts and support for both sides.

Eric swung his other fist around, but Mike ducked underneath it, throwing a flurry of punches at Eric�s taught abdomen. Frustrated, and feeling the pain, Eric roared, then grabbed Mike by the shirt, and threw him off. Disoriented by the motion, Mike didn�t see Eric bull rush him. He felt like he had run into a brick wall, before the rows of lockers crashed painfully into his back.

Eric backed up, before swinging a right hook at Mike�s face, but Mike saw it coming and ducked. The fist scraped his forehead and continued until it smashed into the locker behind Mike. A sickening crunch emanated from the hand as it made contact with solid metal. Eric screamed in pain, cradling his hand, and glaring at Mike.

�You little shit! That was my throwing hand!� Chow roared at Mike.

�Jeeze, Chow. You throw like girl anyway. You gonna cry now?� Mike taunted him. Eric reared back with his other fist, but before he could strike, a deep bellowing voice called out behind him.

�HEY!� all heads turned, and the crowd grew silent as Coach Simpson pushed his way into the circle. Coach Simpson was a formidable man. He was the only man at school that was bigger than Chow. �What the Hell is going on here!?� He bellowed. He answered his own question, as he took a look at the culprits. The papers were still scattered on the floor, Tony still trying to gather them up. Then he saw Eric, right fist clenched, the left mid-strike, on its way to Mike�s face. �Collins and Chow�the usual suspects�Alright you two,� He walked up, grabbing them by the necks. �Let�s go.� And with that, he lead them both to the front office.

�This is a place of learning!� Principal Smith scolded the boys as the nurse tended to the boys� injuries. Mike had a scrape on his forehead, and would probably have a knot, while Eric grimaced in pain as the nurse did what she could to bandage Eric�s broken fingers. She advised a visit to the E.R., but couldn�t do much more than give him an ice pack. �This is not a gladiatorial arena!� Smith continued. He was a squat fellow, in his middle age, with a quickly receding hair line. He wasn�t that intimidating of a person, though Coach Simpson�s imposing figure behind him insured that they listened intently. �This is the 4th fight you two have gotten into at this school! What can be so bad you have to fight about it?� He asked.

Mike rolled his eyes. �He was bullying my friend!� He argued.

Mr. Smith uttered some lame quote about going to get a teacher instead then went on ranting again. After he was done, he grew quiet for a moment. �One day of out of school suspension for both of you. It will count poorly against your grades, and then you need to spend 5 days in detention�How bout you two just learn to be friends, huh?� Eric and Mike both scoffed. �Now get out of my sight. Your parents will be notified about this incident��

Mike stood up and walked out of the nurse�s office to find Heather waiting patiently outside, a look of concern on her face. She had apparently stayed late for cheer practice, as her long red hair was wet and tied up into a pony tail, and she hadn�t put make-up back on. He smiled when he saw her. �So, how was practice?� He asked before she had a chance to speak.

�Don�t change the subject. The whole school knows�� She scolded him, glaring up into his eyes. At 5�6, she was little more than a head shorter than Mike, but the glare still spoke for itself. �You know I hate it when you fight...� As if to prove a point, she reached a slim hand up to his forehead and touched the bruised knot forming. Wincing slightly, Mike shrugged it off. �That�s nothing�You should see the other guy.� He exclaimed jokingly.

Heather gave him another look of displeasure. �That�s not the point�� but nothing more had to be said. Mike grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder, wincing when he strained his back muscles�that would bruise too. He finally leaned down and kissed his girlfriend. Despite herself, Heather returned the kiss and smiled. They walked out of the school, hands in each other�s pockets.

Eric growled to himself as he watched the couple walk away. Eric Chow cradled his wrapped hand and pulled it up to take a look. His fingers hurt like hell, and the knuckles were already swelling. It was probably broken. �Shit!� he cursed to himself. Coach would probably bench him till it healed. He couldn�t afford that. Not with a big game coming up� Damn. When he got home, his parents were understandably upset. His mother cursed him out in Korean as she drove him to the emergency room for proper treatment.

Of course, that was a long wait too, only to get a prescription for an over the counter pain killer, and advice not to use the hand much. He was already excused from physical education, and football practice, and if he didn�t practice, he didn�t play. That was the coach�s rule. With his left hand, he booted his computer and checked his email.

It booted up, and the first thing in his in-box was titled �Master PC: User friendly World Editor Free Trial�. Hmm�he opened it up and read the email. �Enjoy the freedom of recreating the world to your will. Free 25 day trial.� Eric made to delete, but being right handed, his left hand slipped, and accidentally hit the download button instead. �Dammit�� Well, his virus protection hasn�t picked up any risks yet, so might as well see what this program does. It took a few minutes, but a program suddenly opened on his screen, displaying several text boxes, in what looked like a search engine.
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