Won't you be my loving servant? - Finally!

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Won't you be my loving servant? - Finally!

Inside a certain bedroom was a curious young woman chanting at a desk where a laptop was kept covered in anime stickers. The room was simple enough, deep purple walls that held posters and several drawings done by a certain young high schooler. Mostly of Pokemon while the band posters were Hatzune Miku, the pillows, girls dead monster, (but seriously check their music, I can't recommend it enough). There was a comfy bed covered in black bed sheets that was in one corner of the room while the desk was right next to it. Clothes were littered everywhere along with soda cans, chip bags, overall just a mess. Next to a dresser with a tv involving the next xbox one console is a closet with white sliding doors. As for the carpet it was designed with an octagon in white in the center of the room with all the corners connecting in the middle creating a single point. Damn she also had a mini fridge, nice.

A continuous glow of purple kept the room bright. This woman was wearing a simple grey hoodie with jeans to match. Being chubby was just what Kate had to deal with besides the fact that she was a loner. Being a social outcast had its perks though when it came to keeping her secret hidden. Smirking she pushed up her glasses as she continued to chant the words.

"Oh supreme will, power of the four elements."

"With power of winds,

with power of fire,

with power of water,

with power of earth.

Let thy will be done to encase the one that is bonded,

bonded to love,

bonded to servitude,

bonded to change,

bonded to my will.

By the power of the four elements,

with dust we are cometh to dust we are brought,

let thy stone be powered and formed,

bonded by a simple phrase."

The wind in the room began to blow her short brown hair in all directions as she smiled.

"OH MY!"

With the phrase bonded to the choker the glow began to dissipate as sunlight filtered in the room. Trash fell about as Kate's hair fell down. The artifact was finally complete. Holding it up Kate had to marvel at it, purple and black stitch work with a simple silver medallion attached to it. A star with 5 points in glowing red. With her pale hands Kate laughed with amusement.

"Oh this is perfect! With the phrase bonded I can now test my abilities as a witch! I'd love to see the look on Cals face when she sees me becoming a powerful Lich. Whose the younger sister now, Mwahahahhaha!MWahaha, achoo! Excuse me..."

Whipping her nose on her hoodies sleeve she leaned back in her gaming chair.

"Now, who to test this beauty on I wonder. Hmm..."

  1. Robert, a balding middle age math teacher.
  2. Sam, another social outcast in class wanting to die of boredom.
  3. Hannah, a mean cheerleader with a self encompassing ego.
  4. Lydia, a shy schoolgirl who gets caught off guard in PE.
  5. Matt, a high school jock that's seeing Hannah, yuck!
  6. Ms. Evans, the english teacher.
  7. More people.
  8. Something else happens!

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