Family fun - The arrival of the device.

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Family fun - The arrival of the device.

Youre a 16 year old boy named Henry. Youre average height and build with scruffy brown hair and freckles. Its the first day of the summer holiday so yojre currently off school.

Last night you ordered a magic device that allows you to swap bodies with people after having your eye on it for a while. You wake up anf head downstairs just in time for its arrival.

You rush to your room and smirk as you unwrap it, you ponder who to use it on.
  1. Dad, Arthur - 46
  2. Mom, Elaine - 44
  3. Older brother, Eric - 24
  4. Twin sister, Alice - 16
  5. Baby brother, Ben - 2
  6. Grandad, Carter - 68
  7. Grandmother, Lillian- 67

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