Jafar's Revenge - Jafar, The Misunderstood Hero

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Jafar's Revenge - Jafar, The Misunderstood Hero

Deep in the untamed desert, in a hidden fortress, the mighty sorcerer Jafar sobbed in bed. "I am not a villain!" He cried. "Agrabah is an oppressive monarchy with terrible wealth gaps and an unreasonably high poverty rate. How was trying to overthrow the Sultan a bad thing?"

"Again with this." Iago sighed atop his master's foot. "You lost, accept it!"

"It's my physical appearance!" He reasoned. "The tyrants won solely by there looks. Take that away... And this world can become a paradise for the working class! It's perfect!"

"Wait, so what's your plan?" Iago questioned.

"Simple, my dear parrot." Jafar smiled. "I shall make the so called hero's outsides match what dwells deep within!"
  1. Aladdin and Jasmine
  2. Ariel
  3. Snow White
  4. Aurora
  5. Bell
  6. Mulan
  7. Cinderella
  8. someone else

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