Justice League Teens - The Justice League is transformed

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Justice League Teens - The Justice League is transformed

"'kay, this is getting really weird," said the former Superman as she looked around the Justice League conference room.

Six heads all nodded in response.

A giant ball of mysterious energy had rocked towards Earth, threatening to destroy the entire planet, and the Justice League had swung into action to defeat it. But though the energy ball had been destroyed, its mysterious radiation had affect the team in a curious way. By the time they'd returned to their base, they'd all grown younger... and female.

Seven cute teenage girls.Superman idly toyed with one of her(!) raven curls as she looked at everyone else. She appeared as some sweet, innocent girl, almost like a Disney princess mixed with a naive farm girl. Very different from the others:

-the now teenage Wonder Woman who seemed more snooty, a teen princess.

-sullen Batman, rather Goth-like with her eyes strangely rimmed with eye-shadow and her black hair in two bat-ear-like buns.

-much more sporty and svelte Flash, looking like a member of a teen track team.

-a smirking Green Lantern, a very stylish brunette in a cute pixie cut.

-a super-blonde and busty Aquaman, resembling some beach bunny with an impressive pair of "flotation devices."

-Cyborg, with her head framed by a cute afro.

"So, um, what do we do now?" Superman asked.
  1. The Justice League try to figure out what to do
  2. They start to argue
  3. They get a distress call
  4. On eof the League really likes being a cute teen girl
  5. Something else

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