The Fortunes of Madam La Croix - Madam La Croix

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The Fortunes of Madam La Croix - Madam La Croix

Among those in our strange and confusing world, those eager for a little help, there are whispers of one who can predict the future. They speak of her with great reverence and kind words. A select, rather miserable few, curse her name. Her name is Madam La Croix, and she is a powerful and influential fortune teller. There are some debates about her origins: a specter given physical form, a woman touched by gods or demons, or perhaps a goddess in her own right. Though few would be willing to admit if they believed the last theory. What is known is quite clear, she is a woman in her late thirties with thick, curly, black hair under a red headscarf. Her Austrian accent equally thick. Her physical appearance is distinctive, as she is massively obese, weighing almost 500 pounds. A fact that has helped to ingrain her appearance upon those who encounter her. She usually wears large flowing purple robes and simple flats, her wrists covered in gold bracelets while her chubby fingers have gold rings. Foolish people tend to make fun of her obesity, particularly her large backside, big round belly, and huge thighs. They quickly regret this action. While on the outside, she just smirks her double-chinned face and takes it, in truth, the most egregious offenses are cursed. Their fortunes guaranteeing great shifts and changes in their futures. Perhaps they become obese themselves, or severely ill, maybe they feel a strange new urge overtake them. They never walk away untouched. Otherwise, she is kind and willing to help for a small price. And so, Madam La Croix runs a revered fortune telling parlor in a urban area, her door always open to her next client....
  1. The Clients

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