The ever-horny uncanny Ex-Men - Welcome to the Ex-Men

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The ever-horny uncanny Ex-Men - Welcome to the Ex-Men

A techno beat reverberated from the large nightclub surrounded by flashing garish lights, and a huge neon sign in which three feminine silhouettes shook their bodies in front of a large "X" symbol. The building declared itself to be "Xavier's - a Club for Gifted Hotties," and under that a sign that proudly announced "Featuring the ever fierce Ex-Men." Inside the club, various people were drinking, dancing, or making-out. A voice called over the intercoms.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and sundry genderfluid beings! Let's turn to the stage, and give a big hand for those sexiest, sluttiest, freakiest mutant drag queens imaginable -- the uncanny Ex-Men!"

The curtain rose on the stage as people clapped and cheered, and the first Ex-Man sauntered out.
  1. It's a drag Cyclops
  2. It's a drag Wolverine
  3. It's their strutting, hottie leader Charlie Xavier
  4. It's another male X-Man
  5. It's a formerly female X-Man
  6. Something else

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