Slutty PokeRus Transformation Virus - What Universe is next to be infected by the virus.

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Slutty PokeRus Transformation Virus - What Universe is next to be infected by the virus.

While no one is sure of the origin of the virus be it a corrupted Porygon or some form of unknown biological virus. The symptoms seem to start off with standard flu or cold with the additional symptoms of being incredibly horny. While both sex and masturbation will progress the virus at a faster rate it will always progress no matter what the infected does. The only shared aspect of those infected seems to be massive tits, big phat badonkadonks, large cocks and balls, and nice thicc sexy bodies. More than that all those infected find themselves becoming anthropomorphic pokemon though very slutty ones. Other than the normal differences between male and female pokemon these new Pokesluts are nearly identical. The 'males' are only called such because they still retain very impressive sets of cocks and balls. With each type now having very slutty and horny personalities to go along with their types.

The Normal type or Slut type Basic Bitch: While not the strongest of the Pokesluts they are amongst the most versatile. Able to learn the most techniques those of the Basic Bitch type think they're all that. Unaware of just how basic they really are.

The Fighting type or Slut type Dom: Powerful covered in large muscles the Pokesluts belonging to the Dom type are not to be underestimated. Using their skills in both martial arts and sexual techniques to dominate their opponents few leave without their wills and bodies broken.

The Flying type or Slut Type Airhead: Not only do these Pokesluts have their heads in the clouds it's also quite literal as they fly through the skies. These flying bimbos will go from place to place sleeping with as many as they can sometimes repeatedly. As these bird-brained airheads can sometimes forget they've just slept with someone and start right up again.

The Dark type or Slut type Goth: These Goth Pokesluts enjoy the dark and gloomy locations as they nearly emotionlessly have sex with whatever's in reach. From composing lewd poetry to enjoying everything Dark very few things could bring a smile to the faces of these Pokesluts.

The Fairy type or Slut type Girly Girl: Prancing around in very slutty and ultra-girly outfits the Girly Girls are among the most powerful types despite their appearances. While normally kind and very very loving they do have a surprising viscious side to them. So be ready with sweets and ready to fuck to keep them on your good side.

The Ghost type or Slut type Hex Maniac: The Pokesluts belonging to the Hex Maniac type are obsessed with everything creepy, spooky, and sexy. Fond of playing some very very sexy pranks the Hex Maniacs or more accurately Sex maniacs have often been caught in their own pranks. Leaving them tied up and ready to be fuck and bred.

The Fire type or Slut type Tsundere: Firey and full of passion perfectly describes most of the Fire type Pokesluts. However as slutty and horny as they are the Tsundere type Pokesluts have trouble showing affection and how much they care for their lovers. As a result of their personality it is very satisfying for 'male' pokesluts to break down these walls and have the firey sluts cum.

The Grass type or Slut type Sleepy and Cuddly: These Pokesluts are quite affectionate while also being walking and living aphrodisiacs. Spending most of their time soaking in the sun these Pokesluts spend quite a lot of time either asleep or in a permanent drowsy state. Always open to be fucked and bred the Sleepy and Cuddly type have learned to fuck in their sleep.

The Water type or Slut type Swimmer: Spending much of their time in the water has given the Pokeslut Swimmer type nice fit and sexy bodies. When not swimming many Swimmer Pokesluts can be found on beaches partying and having wild orgies. These fun loving and water loving sluts can be found in many lakes, rivers, and the sea are always up to fuck.

The Electric type or Slut type Genki: Always up for a good and fun time these hyperactive Pokesluts can be found almost everywhere. Most Genki types need to be fucked multiple times a day to burn off their excess energy. Most powerplants resemble brothels with many electric or Pokeslut type Genki freely there for anybody to use.

The Dragon type or Slut type Royalty: The Dragon type Pokesluts or the Royalty type are now all selfish egotistical sluts. They love being worshipped and pampered like the royal sluts that they are. For fun these royal draconic pokesluts love to compare their wealth and the sizes of their plump thicc bodies.

The Ice type or Slut type Bratty: Probably the most immature of all Pokesluts the Bratty type despite their icey powers have quite the firey tempers. If just one thing doesn't go their way the Bratty types will throw a temper tantrum until they get what they want. Fortunately a rather fast way to deal with it is to shove a big fat Pokeslut cock down their throats. At all costs the Bratty types should not interact with the Karen type.

The Steel type or Slut type Muscles: One of the physically strongest of the Pokeslut types they can be often found in gyms, caves, mountains and anywhere they can physically push themselves. A rival to the Dom type they can be found competing in a number of strength and sexual contests. While intimidating the Muscle type are very very affectionate and loving.

The Rock type or Slut type Butch: While not as strong as the Muscle or Dom types, the Butch type are still well muscled with prominent abs, strong arms, and legs. Their bodies built to move their heavy rock-hard bodies and sex. For the Butch type sex is how all conflicts are resolved with only the toughest and horniest that get to be in charge.

The Ground type or slut type MILF: Down to earth quite literally is the MILF type kind and caring along with having some of biggest breasts of all Pokesluts. These Motherly Pokemon love taking care of newborn pokesluts as well as making sure their own wombs stay nice and full. Some of the MILF type have a reputation for breeding with middle evolutions.

The Psychic type or Slut type Spacey: The most intelligent of all Pokesluts, having their minds open to the cosmos results in them being fairly detached but also come off as rather bimboish. Of course this is more pronounced in certain species of the Spacey type. Along with intelligence the Spacey type has a massive libido and use sex to achieve higher states of being.

The Bug type or Slut type Nerd/Geek: Coming just behind the Spacey type in terms of intelligence the Nerd and Geek type are very descriptive of their sexual fantasies. Despite the Dom type's lack of type advantage the Nerd and Geek type love to be dominated and typed up by them. Of all Pokesluts the Geek and Nerd types have one of the highest fertility rates and love being tied up constantly pushing out eggs.

The Poison type or slut type Karen: Bringing toxicity to whole new levels are the Karen type Pokesluts. While the poison type was already dangerous now that it's become the Karen type. Highly domineering these Pokesluts will use everything to get their way and get off doing it. It isn't uncommon to see another pokeslut reduced to tears by a Karen type's verbal barrage as her pussy or cock gets off on it. Which further emboldens those of the Karen type to becoming even more toxic and vile.

Where does the Virus infect next?
  1. Marvel
  2. DC
  3. Marvel and DC
  4. Naruto
  5. Bleach
  6. One Piece
  7. Kingdom Hearts
  8. Super Smash Bros.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn or Forbbiden West
  10. Something else.

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