Living Large in the USA. - The UAFA.

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Living Large in the USA. - The UAFA.

Founded in recent years, and rapidly expanding like its clients, the United Association of Fat Admirers (UAFA) is a public organization started by fat-admiring men that funds and aids women across the world in one singular goal... legally immigrating to the United States so they can get FAT! F. A. T.

Sometimes, even before they join up, these women are chubby or already quite fat. Regardless, they all share that same dream. Of being large and in charge. Of being adored by men for their large physiques. Turns out, they were willing to pay. All over the world, women eagerly sign up to the UAFA's services. It was initially quite surprising how many women signed up. Sometimes by paper, sometimes by computer. Regardless, many members love nothing more than to help these women acclimate to life in the U.S. Although for the sake of order, the organization has some important rules to mention....

1. All participants must be 21 or above in age.

2. All participants must have learned or be in the process of learning English. The organization can't pay for everything. It isn't all charity.

3. By the end of the immigration period, they need to gain weight. That's the whole point after all.

So now that that's out of the way... who is our fortunate woman?
  1. Penelope Covington - Age 26 - Initial Weight: 138lb. A charming British woman sick of her snooty family. She's always wanted to try gaining weight, why not do it in America?
  2. Boonsri Lim - Age 24 - Initial Weight: 178lb. A chubby Thai woman in love with food. All her life, she heard about America, dreaming to go and live there. Now's her chance!
  3. Ida Vogt - Age 25 - Initial Weight: 240lb. Fat and slothful, Ida certainly isn't a typical German woman, hence why she seeks a man in America willing to put up with her sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Aadhira Deshmukh - Age 24 - Initial Weight: 121lb. A humble woman from India, Aadhira is eager to move up in the world. If that also means jumping up a few dress sizes... well how awful could that be?
  5. Catarina Bucco - Age 31 - Initial Weight: 134lb. A fiery Italian lawyer, Catarina is concerned she can't find a man locally who shares her interests in getting fat. Perhaps she will have better luck in the U.S.?
  6. Cosette Cloutier - Age 28 - Initial Weight: 183lb. Ostracized in France for her curvaceous physique, Cosette loves both food and modeling. It only makes sense America is where she should be.
  7. Almasi Mwangi - Age 25 - Initial Weight: 360lb. Already living large in Kenya, Almasi is curious to know what opportunities America could offer to push herself further.
  8. Gloria Marquez - Age 36 - Initial Weight: 139lb. A recent Spanish divorcée, Gloria is in search of a new start. Not to mention, she is quite curious to explore her newfound appreciation for fat.
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