Transforming teen - The wish

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Transforming teen - The wish

Damien was your typical teenager. He did fine in school was involved in sports and was pretty popular however he had always wanted to transform. Sometimes he wanted to be an older man sometimes an animal such as a dog or a gorilla. Sometimes he wamted to be a mythical creature like a unicorn or bigfoot.

One night while he was out in the garden a shooting star flew across the sky. This was his chance. He wished he could transform into anything anyone. The star shone after his wish was made and he walked back inside

He walked upstairs to his bedroom and had a compilsive urge to sleep. It wouldnt matter if he slept in tomorrow was a saturday anyway so he didnt have to get up for school plus his parents were out of town at a wedding.

Soon he fell asleep and over the night he dreamed about becoming a...
  1. Dog (golden retriever)
  2. Cat
  3. Other

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