Bustyboi Transformation virus. - What universe does this transformation of Bustybois begin.

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Bustyboi Transformation virus. - What universe does this transformation of Bustybois begin.

Nobody is quite sure where or how the change first began all anyone is truly sure about is the results of the change. The primary victims of the change are women they will grow not only impressively sized breasts but some truly massive breasts at that. The second most noticeable change is the growth of a massive set of cock and balls. The size of their cocks range between 8 inches and almost 2 feet with some appropriately large and massive balls.

Those are not the only changes of note as their mind changes along with their body. With the physical changes done their minds will realign to thinking of themselves as male. If anyone attempts to bring up the fact their bodies are still highly feminine. They will simply retort that this is what a real man looks like then return to doing bro things. Though their ideas of masculinity are fairly warped they do hold all the general interests of men like sports, technology, and women. Those changed treat women like how a bunch of college frat guys would with the viciousness of women added in.

Some more information regarding the transformation is that a very distinct POP sound has been recorded. this sound is produced at the very moment of their pussies being destroyed and becoming proud massive Bustyboi cocks and balls. The sound is incredibly pervasive and can somehow travel the very vacuum of space and causes all who hear it to transform into Bustybois. Not only that after hearing it and having been transformed those changed are highly motivated to send not only the sound but to mix it into media files. The files will mutate to not only show Bustybois transform but also the joys of being a Bustyboi. Encouraging the spread of the transformation like a virus infecting everyone.

Once those changed have reached critical mass the men will start to transform into hyper-curvy and super busty hyper feminine. Their bodies will resemble that of what could be described as hyper-bimbos though not all will have the brains of a bimbo. In fact if men are exposed to what will be called the Bustyboi POP, they will become hyper-bimbos though losing their intellect is a 50/50. If a Bustyboi is in the vicinity they will become incredibly smug not assured they are real men but are the superior sex and gender.

Now which universe will be overcome with a bunch of oversexed Bustybois.
  1. Marvel
  2. DC
  3. Marvel and DC
  4. Naruto
  5. Bleach
  6. One Piece
  7. Kingdom Hearts
  8. Something Else.

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