The MILF Idol - The MILF Idol finds a new victim.

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The MILF Idol - The MILF Idol finds a new victim.

This particular miniature statue was found in a cave in a remote jungle in Indonesia, it has similarities to the Venus of Willendorf, however on this statue the breasts, bottom and hips are much larger, sculpted to look firmer, the stomach is smaller but still pokes out from underneath the breasts.

The statue was found to have some form of power or what some would view as a curse. Not too long after exposure to the statue individuals are found to start changing, and the odd part is they almost never notice it happening. Women are effected more by the statue, the changes hitting them harder. It should be noted that whoever is changed by the statues influence doesn't always result in them having a figure like it, some have been more bottom heavy, others top heavy, though all end up as an older, mature woman either in their early 40's or 50 years old, and in their sexual prime.

The statue had been contained recently in a small research facility, yet even with all the precautions taken it had vanished from said facility and is now out in the world again.
  1. Allison Jones finds it while on a trip to the flea market purchasing from a very fertile woman.
  2. Henry Jacobs steals it from an antique shop, seeing if he could pawn it for money.
  3. Jessica Yeager finds it out in the woods on one of her morning jogs, she decides to take it home.
  4. Harold Ford a collector of odd things purchases it from a shady gentleman.
  5. Felicia Bennings a thin and flat wannabe pinup model finds a package on her doorstep.
  6. Something Else.
  7. Something Else.

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