DC Hero Projects - Bruce Wayne wakes-up, feeling very different

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DC Hero Projects - Bruce Wayne wakes-up, feeling very different

Bruce Wayne slowly opened his eyes. He felt strange. Wasn't sure exactly how, but weird.

He staggered out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom, rubbing his eyes.

He splashed water on his face, rubbed it around, and -- he stared down at his hands.

They looked so smooth and petite, with long, delicate nails.

Bruce looked up at himself in the mirror and his eyes went wide. The figure was naked, no pyjamas, and looked quite young, almost a teenager! And very feminine! A cute female face with large blue eyes, delicate lashes, and cute full lips, lovely black hair cut into a cute bob.

A girl!

Not quite a girl. Though his body was thin and shapely like one, he didn't have really any breasts, just thick puffy lips, and there was a penis and balls between his legs, though much smaller than before.

Though looking really girly, he still seemed nominally male. Though so small and weak.

He hurried out of the bathroom and saw some clothes laid out for him. He needed to pull them on and discover what had happened!
  1. It's a cute schoolgirl outfit laid out for him
  2. It's a French maid's outfit
  3. It's a fancy dress, like for a party
  4. It's a fetishized girly version of the Batman outfit
  5. It's something else!

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