The Bullied Girl - I think I'll ask for a ride.

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The Bullied Girl - I think I'll ask for a ride.

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"Mom, do you think I can get a ride instead of walking today?" I ask hopefully.

She glances at her wristwatch then at me. "Fine, but only because it's your first day back."

Yes! Free ride.

On car ride later we pull up across the road from my school. Hartley's All-girls College.

"Alright here we are, now behave yourself at school." Mom warns.

"Okay..." I reply. She tells me to behave but I've never misbehaved, it was always those girls. They always, make me do things, lie about stuff I did or even frame me for things they've done.

Of course I don't tell Mom any of that, she probably wouldn't believe me anyway.

In any case I'm at school and it's quite a while before classes start.

Maybe I should try find Jessica, my friend, if she's here.

  1. Maybe I should wait at homeroom.
  2. I'm gonna head towards the gym hall where we meet sometimes.
  3. I'll just wait here out the front.

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