The Bullied Girl - The Girl

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The Bullied Girl - The Girl

"Mom, I feel sick. I don't think I should to school today...". I said that but I was lying. I just didn't want to go.

It was actually the first day back from holidays and I already have a bad attendance rate at school so I needed an excuse this time.

"Lucy Anne Maverick, get out of bed right now or you'll be late!" I hear in response. Ugh. She used my full name, she must be serious. I better get ready quickly. A quick shower should suffice.

-12 Minutes Later-

Well I'm ready I suppose but I might be late if I walk to school like usual. Maybe I should ask Mom for a ride on the way to her work.
  1. I guess I had better start walking then.
  2. I think I'll ask for a ride.
  3. You know what, I think I am "sick" after all.

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