Pokemon Lost and Found - In the morning, Ash introduces the gang to Hypno and they head off

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Pokemon Lost and Found - In the morning, Ash introduces the gang to Hypno and they head off

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(Story originally published on writing.com under the name Piece of Mind)
(Story created by Dayeandknight)
(Chapter created by Dayeandknight)

That night was the best night sleep that Hypno experienced in a long time. He snuggled up to Ashley like he used to, with her arm embracing him. He was kept warm against her chest, but something was wrong. He realized that her chest wasn't as soft or round as it used to be, instead, if was much smaller. It was strange, but he would worry about that later. Her Hypno was back, so he could find some way to help her fix that later.

Both Hypno and Ash woke to the smell of Brock cooking breakfast. They did a bit of stretching and walked out of the tent, Ash just barely stepping on a still sleeping Pikachu. At about the same time, Misty stepped out of her tent, rubbing her eyes.

“Morning guys I hope you are hungry because I made a whole bun-” Brock stopped half way seeing a sleepy and disheveled Hypno.

“Oh, right. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Hypno. He used to be my drowzee until we were separated. He has been searching for me ever since.” Ash said, gesturing to Hypno. “He found me last night.”

“Well, the more the merrier. Here you go, Hypno,” Brock handed Hypno some food that he had prepared. “I wish I knew you were hear earlier, then I could have tailored your breakfast to you. I hope this is ok.” Hypno didn't know who the tall guy was, but he liked him.

“What do you mean you were separated?” Misty inquired.

“What do you think it means?” Ash spat while getting himself something to eat.

“So what, you just misplaced your pokemon? I've known for a long time that you were irresponsible but this is terrible. Did you even look for him?” Misty complained.

“Of course I did...I think” Ash said, feeling a bit confused for a moment.

Hypno was busy eating, so he didn't hear the words that were being said, but he did get the feelings behind them. This is the second time he heard the two of them going back and forth like this. He did not care for this red haired girl that was mean to his Ashley.

Ash and Misty bickered for a bit and once their spat subsided, they began eating. Hypno watched Ashley eat and was once again a bit confused. Her posture was wrong and she was eating very sloppily. She is bound to choke doing that. He is going to have to fix that for her own safety. Hypno looked over at the red haired girl and saw her sitting and eating in a proper manner while she was reading a magazine with a crabby on the cover. Though he didn't like her, she would have to do as an example.

Brock had just gone back into his tent when Hypno brought out his pendulum. Ash just glanced over at Hypno and quickly feel back into a trance.

“I want you to look at the red haired girl” Hypno commanded in Ash's mind. Ash obeyed, looking over at Misty. “I want you to study the way she holds herself. Now, I want you to try and do the same. Try and hold yourself like she does.” Ash sat up straight, put his knees together and crossed his ankles. Misty was oblivious to what was happening while Hypno instructed Ash to eat more daintily and not shovel huge chunks of food into his mouth. By the time Brock came back, Hypno had finished getting Ash to sit and eat like the young lady he thought he was.

“Alright everyone. Lets pack up and get a move on “ Brock said cheerily. With that, the folded up their tents and packed up their belongings. Pikachu had just woken up by the time they were ready to leave.

“Don't worry sleepy head, I grabbed you some food, since you slept in,” Ash said scooping up a groggy Pikachu. Hypno watched the display of friendship with some jealousy.

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