Pokemon Lost and Found - Hypno walks into Ashs tent and wakes him up

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Pokemon Lost and Found - Hypno walks into Ashs tent and wakes him up

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(Story originally published on writing.com under the name Piece of Mind)
(Story created by Dayeandknight)
(Chapter created by Dayeandknight)

Pikachu was just about to follow Ash into the tent when an excited Hypno came limping out of the brush. Pikachu, startled, arched his back and readied himself for a battle. Hypno, however, just shuffled passed him and went for the tent. Quickly, Pikachu dashed in front of the tent's entrance just before Hypno made it in. Not knowing what this pikachu's problem was and not wanting to waste anymore time, he dropped his pendulum and used Hypnosis. Pikachu did his best o fight it, but ended up succumbing to Hypno's attack. Before Pikachu even hit the dirt, Hypno was inside Ash's tent.

Standing before Ash's sleeping form, Hypno was overcome with emotion. He jumped on top of Ash and hugged him tightly and started crying again. They were together again, now he wouldn't be lonely any more. He'd never let her go. He and Ashley would be together forever. The sudden jostling quickly forced Ash upright. Ash felt someone crying into his neck, with strong arms squeezing him. Frightened, he grabbed a flashlight and turned it on relieving the shadowy form of a hypno grabbing him.

Ash tried to yell but couldn't find his voice as he tried to push the pokemon away. Hypno looked up with watery eyes not knowing why Ashley was acting like this. Did she not love him anymore? Then it hit him. The last she had seen him, he was still a drowzee. All the fighting that he had been forced to do had triggered his evolution. She didn't know it was him! It was ok, he could fix this. It would all be fine.

Once again Hypno dropped the pendulum that he used on Pikachu and used Hypnosis. Ash stopped struggling and grew still while Hypno chanted. Though he couldn't speak the human language, he had learned to use Psychic. He opened the bridge between their minds and spoke to him.

“Can you hear me?” Hypno asked.

“Yes.” Ash responed, his voice monotone.

“I am Hypno. I used to be your drowzee until we were separated. I have been searching for you ever since. Do you understand?” Hypno was hopeful that now that he had calmed Ashley down, she would remember him, even if he looked different.

“You are Hypno. You used to be my drowzee until we were separated. You have been searching for me ever since. I understand.” Ash stated with no emotion.

“Wake Up!” Hypno clapped twice and Ash started to blink. He shook the fog from his head and when he looked back, there was his Hypno sitting right in front of him.

“Hypno, your back!” Ash yelled excitedly as he reached out for him. Hypno jumped into his arms, ecstatic. He was so happy that she remembered him now. Of course if he was in his right mind, he would have known that had just created the memories, not resurface old ones. The thought never entered his head. All that was in his head right now was having things go back to being the way they were before he had is pretty trainer, Ashley, lost each other. In fact, he was going to make sure things were better than before. Now he was going to make sure Ashley got everything she ever wanted.

  1. In the morning, Ash introduces the gang to Hypno and they head off
  2. Ash can tell something weird is going on so he questions the others about hypno
  3. Hypno can see Ashley let herself go a bit in her search so he decided to help her out

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