Pokemon Lost and Found - Hypnos Discovery

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Pokemon Lost and Found - Hypnos Discovery

(Story originally published on writing.com under the name Piece of Mind)
(Story created by Dayeandknight)
(Chapter created by Dayeandknight)

In a forest just outside of Celadon City, a Hypno stumbles around in the dark. He had lost his trainer a few weeks ago, Ashley, and was desperate to find her. This had been the longest that he had ever been from is owner and he wasn't taking it well at all. He grew up in her care since he was a little drowzee and had never had to survive in the wild on his own. He had many close calls and was very weak from the constant fighting. He had just gathered some leaves he intended to use as a makeshift bed when he heard voices in the distance. He wanted to sleep, but what if this was her? He used the last of his strength to bring himself to his feet and make his way toward the voices.

Not far from there, Ash, Brock, and Misty were making camp. It had been years since the three of them had been traveling together in Kanto but it felt nice to do it again and with Ash and Misty arguing, it felt just like old times again.

Ash had been feeling kind of uncertain about himself the last few months. He was thinking back to his adventures in Kanto and never realized before how many Gym badges he had never won through legal battles. That kept nagging at him until he decided to retrace his footsteps and re-challenge the gym leaders that he felt he never truly earned his badges from. He re-battled Brock who then invited himself along on his mini quest, and then the same happened with Misty.

They had finished putting up their tents and were sitting around a campfire eating something Brock cooked up. They were about one day away from Celadon City, where he planned to battle Erika. She had given him the rainbow badge after he risked his life to save her Gloom from a fire set by Team Rocket about seven or eight years ago.

Just outside of sight, Hypno was watching. His eyes darted back and forth to the faces sitting by the fire and he tried to focus his eyes. He looked hard, but it didn't seem like she was there. His heart sank and started to weep quietly when he heard the one with red hair speak to the one with black.

“You think you are all set for your battle with Erika, Ash?” Misty asked. Hearing the name Ash, Hypno stopped crying and looked again.

“Of course I am. That battle is as good as won.” Ash mumbled with a mouth full of food. Hypno stared at the black haired human. That couldn't be her could it? The height looked right and the hair was the right color but that voice didn't sound right and she would never dress like that.

“I'm not so sure, tell me, what are planing on wearing?” Misty questioned with a funny look on her face.

Ash raised an eyebrow, “The same thing I always wear and anyway why would that matter?”

“Oh, I was just thinking. Since you have been retracing your steps I thought you might have planned to get dressed up again, Ashley.” Misty giggled. Hypno could not believe what he just heard. The red haired human called the other one Ashley. If that was her, then they could be together again, pokemon and trainer. He wouldn't have to be alone anymore. Everything would be right again. Yes, yes. Why didn't he see it before? Of course it was her. He had found her!

Ash and Misty ended up getting into another fight while Brock and Pikachu wisely stayed out of it. It eventually ended with them both storming off to their own tents and Brock putting out the fire then turning in himself, all while Hypno watched.
  1. Hypno walks into Ashs tent and wakes him up
  2. Hypno has doubts that Ash is his trainer
  3. Something Else
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