Wonder Woman with a Flip - Exit Wonder Woman... enter Mighty Maid!

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Wonder Woman with a Flip - Exit Wonder Woman... enter Mighty Maid!

{{I'm pulling together an old superstories addventure so it can be archived and the story can move forward. The hope was always to lead to a story engine where her minions started working against one another. I'll C+P in what was already done as best I can from searches over a few posts and give credit where due)

Chapter 1 by by clifford.cao

Wonder Woman put her hands on her hips, leveling an annoyed glare at the little man who stood before her. Mr. Mxyzptlk wasn't one of the most malicious beings she'd known - not by a long shot - but he was definitely one of the most powerful. And probably the most irritating.

Idly, she wondered why the Fifth-Dimensional Imp wasn't tormenting his usual target, Superman. No, instead, he'd popped into her way right after she had wrapped up a six-week investigation involving Dr. Psycho and the Silver Swan.

"All right, Mxyzptlk," she said slowly and calmly. "Why are you here?"

The little man didn't reply at first. Instead, he began looking the Amazon up and down slowly, much to Wonder Woman's indignation. She did not appreciate being inspected like a piece of meat by any man, even one with almost-unlimited powers to rewrite reality itself.

Finally, Mxyzptlk spoke. "Yeah, about that... y'see, Wondie... I've been gettin' a little bored lately... and buggin' Supes is startin' to lose that old spark..."

An alarm bell went off in Wonder Woman's head. This was sounding suspiciously like the prelude to another one of Mxyzptlk's "let's change up the formula a bit" jaunts. And those almost always ended up creating far more extensive, humiliating, and outright weird situations than Mxyzptlk's usual clashes with Superman.

"So I said to myself, I really don't spend enough time with Big Blue's buddies. After all, we're the best of pals, so any friend of his is a friend of mine!"

Before Wonder Woman could even open her mouth in protest, her entire body suddenly froze in place. Her beautiful face assumed the look of someone staring far off into space - in other words, a clear indication that no one was home anymore.

"And no friend of Mr. Mxyzptlk deserves ta stay a boring ol' stick-in-the-mud this long! You oughta relax, Wondie! Take a ride on the wild side fer a while!"

Wonder Woman began to shift her stance, holding her head up high and jutting her chest forward proudly. Her legs started to shift by themselves, moving apart until they were a little wider than shoulder width. Her hands, meanwhile, remained on her hips.

"And Old Unca Mxy," Mxyzptlk said proudly, jabbing a thumb at himself. "Is here ta help!"

With that, the Fifth-Dimensional Imp started to look at Wonder Woman much more closely. Frozen like this, every sexy curve of her was on display for his enjoyment - and enjoy it he did. He might not have been a native of this dimension, but "beauty of Aphrodite" wasn't something to sneeze at, even for him.

He drank in her baby blues, so lively and full of energy and so perfectly matched with her ruby red lips. Her long, raven locks were held back by a silver "princess" tiara with a red star in its center, and fell to her mid-back. Further down, her truly awesome breasts and flat, toned abdomen were contained in a red-and-gold bustier, which exposed quite a bit of cleavage and proudly trumped her golden double-W insignia over the center of her chest. A pair of silver bracers - the indestructible Amazon bracelets - encircled her wrists. And a golden belt - the Girdle of Hippolyte - rested on her hips, the legendary Lasso of Truth hanging from its side.

The Imp darted behind the Amazon, and wolf-whistled over her perfect ass, so snugly contained in those blue, star-spangled spandex shorts (to his amusement, he noted that there were two stars right over her butt cheeks). A pair of mile-long legs, muscular yet smooth, jutted from those shorts and extended all the way down into a pair of red boots with nice stiletto heels.

Yes, the combination of all these things certainly made Wonder Woman a wonder among women. Too bad it would all be gone in a few short minutes.

"Now, what makeover should we give ya...?" he mused, pacing back and forth before the frozen, mindless Amazon.

Idea after idea popped into his head, but were rejected almost as fast as they could appear. Flipping her morality was a definite, but what else?

Maybe he could leave everything else the same? No. Too unimaginative.

Turn her into a dominatrix bad-girl? Too juvenile, even for him. Besides, he'd already done that to some other heroine on Tuesday.

Make her fall in love with one of her hated enemies? Maybe...

Suddenly, it came to him in a single, brilliant flash. A flash that literally manifested itself into a massive hundred-megawatt lightbulb over his head.

He turned to the frozen Wonder Woman with a sinister expression. "Since I'm flippin' which side you play on, Wondie... why not flip yer name, too...?"

With that, he snapped his fingers. Almost immediately, the double-W symbol in the center of Wonder Woman's bustier began to spin in place, gaining speed until it became a golden blur. Gradually, the blur began to slow, until it finally stopped in place.

But now, the symbol was a hundred and eighty degrees from where it had started.

"Wonder Woman no more, ladies and germs!" Mxyzptlk crowed. "I give you MM: Mighty Maid!"

Soon, the rest of Wonder Woman's costume began to alter itself, accommodating the heroine's new symbol, new moniker, new identity. The red bustier became a tight black French maid top, displaying much more cleavage than before; below, a short black skirt sprouted, its hemline falling just barely low enough to cover the top few inches of Diana's thighs. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman's star-spangled shorts became a pair of tight, frilly white satin panties; and fishnets criss-crossed the length of her mile-long legs. The heroine's red boots became sexy black pumps, each retaining the stiletto heels.

Wonder Woman's tiara quickly became a frilly mockery of itself, retaining its shape and design but commanding none of the respect. The bulletproof bracers suffered a similar fate, turning into white, frilly French maid gloves. The legendary Girdle of Hippolyte turned into a slim choker around the Amazon's neck; and last, but not least, the golden Lasso of Truth became a feather duster tightly clenched in Wonder Woman's right hand.

Mxyzptlk bowed exaggeratedly - and repeatedly - once the transformation was complete, looking mightily pleased with himself. He had really outdone himself this time.

"And now that the outside's over and done with... let's get started on the inside..."

He whipped a long roll of paper out of thin air, along with a pencil. Immediately, he pressed the pencil's tip to the paper, and began writing:

Mighty Maid: the opposite of Wonder Woman in almost every way. She may dress like a servant, but she serves nothing except her own selfish desires. She's greedy, mean, and flirtatious - especially toward girls.

She's only about half as strong as Wonder Woman was, but twice as fast. She can erase and rearrange the memories and personality of anyone that she "dusts" with her special golden duster. Of course, she likes abusing this power whenever she can, and converting sexy women into her servitude.

She usually enjoys "cleaning" bank vaults and the minds of cute girls, but she does know the ins and outs of actual maid work. There's not a dish on the planet she can't cook, not a garment she can't sew, and not a place she can't clean. But good luck trying to get her to do any of that.

And she likes to speak in an over-exaggerated French accent, too.

His list completed, Mxyzptlk checked it twice. Once he was sure there were no spelling mistakes, he promptly tore the paper into a million itty-bitty pieces.

Then, he took a deep breath, and blew.

The tiny scraps of paper seemed to take on a life of their own, swirling and spinning around Wonder Woman's head. Pressing their circle tighter and tighter as they wove themselves into her mind and soul. Turning Mxyzptlk's words into her law.

Suddenly, there was a great, blinding flash of light. When it had faded, the scraps of paper had completely vanished.

And so had Mxyzptlk.

In a matter of seconds, the tall Amazon left behind began to take a step forward. And then another. And then another and another and another. Her right hand swished the golden feather duster menacingly, while her left clenched itself into a fist.

Mighty Maid threw her head back, and laughed.

Chapter 2 by wfx

Heads turned. Why wouldn't they? It wasn't everyday that someone with these proportions sauntered into a bank. It definitely wasn't everyday that someone with these proportions dressed like a french maid did. Definitely not. Mighty Maid laughed softly to herself, the accent coming through. She loved the attention. Such dirty minds, all of them, watching her saunter and strain in her uniform. She even stopped to bend over and dust for a moment. One of the tellers turned to look at her more quickly than the rest, a young, pert thing with short red hair. It was to her that Mighty Maid continued.

"Bonjour," she started, her french accent so over the top that the teller almost laughed despite herself.

Instead she shook her head, professional and composed. "Can i help you?"

"Oui," Mighty Maid drew her duster once more. "For ze rest of your life." She started to bring it back and forth and back and forth, drawing the teller's eye as it sparked strangely. "You serve everyday, yes? Serve all these ugly, boring customers. Zen you go home, have your silly leeetle life. You come back here each and every day. You find your purpose, but they're so dull. You want to serve so badly. You scream it on the, how do you say, ah, the inside. But they're so unworthy. Not like moi. I am the one you've been waiting to serve. Perfect in every way." She tittered as she started to draw the duster back and forth first over the woman's chest and then up to her face. "Don't you agree my bank maid?"


Chapter 3 by clifford.cao

Throughout his ten years of service on the bank's security team, Harry Morgan had seen some pretty wild things. Robberies. Riots. Alien invasions. And more supervillains than he could shake a stick at. Hell, he'd once seen the Joker in action, and somehow managed to live to tell the tale.

And if there was one thing that those ten years had taught him, it was that the most dangerous surprises often came wrapped in the most harmless-looking of packages. Who could forget that charming old granny who walked through that very bank's doors three years ago, and promptly whipped off her overcoat to display thirty sticks of dynamite wrapped around her body?

So when that (admittedly hot as all hell) lady in the French maid getup strolled through the doors that afternoon, he was on his guard immediately. For a few minutes, he watched silently as she waltzed around the place on those impossibly tall heels. Then, he saw her approaching one of the tellers - Linda, who'd just started working here about a year ago - and found the alarm bells in his head jump a few decibels higher as the woman started harassing the poor girl with what looked like a feather duster.

"Cover me," he said surreptitiously to his partner for the last five years, Charlie Evans. "This might get ugly."

His partner nodded, though Harry noted the lecherous look on his face. Well, that figured. Charlie was still a bachelor, and something of a skirt-chaser as well - poor kid didn't stand a chance against a woman that luscious, in an outfit like that.

But in any case, Charlie had proved dependable enough in the past, and there were another two guards on the opposite end of the room, as well. Worst came to worst, one of them would hit the alarm and bring in the cops - or maybe a cape or two.

One hand on his holstered pistol, he crossed the room with purpose and approached the woman in the French maid outfit. Once there, he cleared his throat and said, in his most authoritative voice, "Ma'am, if you have no business here, I must ask you to lea-"

It happened in a flash.

The next thing he knew, he was on his back, looking up at the ceiling and a grinning face. Then his eye wandered, and he realized that the woman had his un-holstered gun in one hand.

"Eet iz most ungentlemanly to interrupt a converzation between two ladies, oui?" the woman smirked down at him, twirling the pistol in her hand.

All around her, the patrons of the bank were beginning to scream. Feet stampeded - probably toward the exit.

Harry began sweating bullets then and there, even as another part of his mind drank in how utterly hot the woman was. Never mind how she looked - she was clearly another meta looking to rob the place blind. The fourth one they'd gotten this year, as a matter of fact.

Then, he heard a soft click somewhere, and breathed a sigh of relief. One of the tellers had managed to hit the alarm. Now all they had to do was keep her occupied long enough for backup - human or superhuman - to show up.


Mighty Maid found herself caught between the urge to roll her eyes and the urge to giggle. Those silly security guards... always thinking that they and their dinky little guns were enough to save the day. It was annoying, but also so cute.

(Not as cute as that tasty little redhead she'd just recruited, though. That one, she'd be keeping around for a while.)

"Ah, ze ineevitable rezistance..." she mused as the three security guards closed in on her, guns drawn. Her baby blues then flashed. "Will you never learn?"

In the blink of an eye, she had left all three of them joining their companion on the floor - some clutching their stomachs, others clutching somewhere lower. Four pistols now rested in her hands.

Grinning, Mighty Maid raised one of the pistols for the guards, the (un-entranced) tellers, and the few patrons who'd remained in the bank (for whatever reason) to see. Then, without another word, she crushed that pistol with her fingers as if it were a soda can.

"Pleeze do not try my temper," she said sweetly, blowing a kiss toward one of the guards. Then she turned back around to face the cute little redheaded teller.

The poor thing was staring off into space, looking oh-so yummy and oh-so impressionable. So Mighty Maid leaned in close, and whispered her instructions for her first recruit's new personality.

Once she had finished the teller blinked. Then, a saucy yet submissive little smile came over her face.

"I will find you an... appropriate new outfit later, my dear," Mighty Maid smiled. "But for now, if you would be so kind..."

The former super heroine's words were interrupted, however, by the sound of the bank's front door slamming open. Annoyed, she turned around, only to come face-to-face with a very familiar individual.

An individual whose face quickly changed from determination to recognition to shock.

Mighty Maid clapped her hands together. "Ah, how wonderful! I have beeen expecting you..."

Chapter 4 by wfx

Mighty Maid put her duster to her lips and laughed demurely. Her breasts bobbed up and down as she looked at the opposition that had come to stop her. There they were, Supergirl and Mary Marvel in all of their super-powered glory. They had been enjoying a day out on the town previous and were closest to the scene. Oh, both thought that no matter the threat (especially when they heard it was some crazed French Maid) they might be overkill, but at least they'd get this over with quickly and get on with their day.

It was Mary who recognized her first, which might have been surprising since she wasn't nearly as close to Diana, but at the same time, that meant that she could imagine this where, truly, Supergirl couldn't. "Wonder Woman."

"Non, not that tres ugly name." Her french, was rather terrible. It was part of the act, really, part of what Mxy did to make her so ridiculous. "Je m'appelle Mighty Maid. Have you come to carry my bags for moi?" She laughed and it made the tight, frilly uniform squeeze in all the right places, or the wrong ones as Supergirl figured.

"I don't know what happened to you, but we'll save yo...."

It all happened so quickly. The speed was amazing and neither of them had any reason to suspect a duster. "Fermez la bouche." She tutted, while wiping the duster across Supergirl's face. She didn't have time to make a game of it, not with Mary there as well. Instead she wiped back and forth at high speed, far more than she should have, perhaps. Supergirl was left with a vacant 'o' upon her lips, eyes crossed, drooling a bit. She could always build her back up later.

Or someone else could. Time seemed to freeze to a halt, even as Mary reached for the former Wonder Woman and a bit of a giggle formed on Supergirl's lips. Mxy appeared, laughing himself. "Look at this! I can't pass this one up! You sure put the girl in supergirl, huh Maidsy? Let's run with that." The transformation was swift. She was just as old as ever, but her expression became faux innocent and deviously childlike. Her hair ended up in pigtails and her costume shifted to tight beige spandex, the uniform of a girl scout, though quite twisted.

Time started again and Mary gasped as she was suddenly pinned from behind. Girl Scout giggled mischievously. "Sorry Mary! I know we're the bestest friends but I really want my bank robbery badge! And I can't get it unless Mistress Mighty Maid thinks I do a great job! Sorry!" She grinned big to her new boss, who was programmed by Mxy to go with such changes. The whole world should love her and bow to her after all.

She tittered again and started to wipe Mary clean. "Dirty thoughts! Tsk tsk, being held so tightly by your friend. I can see them just oozing out! Tres horrible. We shall fix zis, oui?"

Mary had a brilliant idea. She could just say her magic word, become smaller in her human self, and get away. The burst of lightning would push the now transformed Supergirl back too. "Um," yes, just the magic word. "Who am I? I was going to say something."

Time froze again but this time, Mighty Maid seemed to look right at the appearing Mxy, as if indicated she wanted something slightly more fitting in her new minion. "Hey, toots. You remember your magic word, right?" Mxy prodded. "No, here we go then." He leaned in and whispered to her.

"Oh yes," Mary said distantly. "I remember now." She took a deep breath and shouted. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." The transformation was instant and terribly striking. She was now dressed in a rubber version of Mary Poppins' clothes and knew her role in life, to be Mighty Maid's loyal Nanny Contrary and to retrain the people of the world to worship the saucy and selfish queen of clean. "Oh bother," she said primly. "Look at all of these disobedient wretches. Why, we must fix that at once."

Chapter 5 by wfx

The former Supergirl in her tight spandex girl scout uniform squirmed back into Mighty Maid's chest. She was eager, always eager, but especially now in the midst of the bank. The police had held back once she and Mary Marvel had arrived in order to stop the robbery. They'd not come charging in for minutes still. It meant that all of these potential victims with their dirty minds were trapped and while the money was being gathered, they were a captive audience. "Let me do it, Madam, please, please!" She shifted back and forth at enhanced speed overeager. "I want my crowd control badge!"

"Non, non." Mighty Maid tutted, enjoying the palpable eagerness of her obedient pigtailed minion who was far too old for her new role. "Zhey should listen to zheir nanny, I zink." Her french accent was absolutely ridiculous.

The former Mary Marvel, now in the rubber Mary Poppins costume, squeaked as she walked back and forth in front of the terrified and confused crowd. She understood her new place in life completely. When Nanny Contrary spoke, it was haughty and prim, proper but with an extremely repressed undertone. She was wound tighter than tight and her voice dripped with it. It was also in the form of a lovely melody.

"When you look upon this buxom Maid
You find your last hand completely played.
Options are none, your will's undone.
Our mistress has won, but it's oh so much fun,
for your minds are bare,
as you gawk and stare
at her beauty.
Obedience is bliss, and your old lives you shan't miss,
for serving her is your duty."

And as she sung, a change came over the crowd, both their minds but their bodies as well. Mighty Maid, ever the French tart, brought her duster to her mouth and laughed in amusement watching the first of her new followers come into being.

Chapter 6 by clifford.cao

Even in her corrupted state, the former Wonder Woman knew that there were limits to certain things. As much fun as it might have been to transform every single civilian in the bank into her private army (with appropriate outfits), such an army would have been unwieldy to carry around. Besides, she would probably tire of them after a while. Civilians did tend to be so dull and predictable in thoughts and actions, and even magic could only fix that so much.

But that didn't mean she would just leave them alone. Oh, no - that wasn't how she worked. She already had an alternate plan in mind for her newest followers.

"Ze lot of you vill have much fun bringing me tributes, oui?" Mighty Maid tittered. "From ze ozer banks, ze jewlery stores... perhaps even a chocolate or deux!"

As one, every man and woman in the bank saluted their new mistress. "Yes, Mistress Mighty Maid!"

"Gather vhatever trinkets you can," Mighty Maid continued. "I vill tell you vhere to leave it all as soon as I find myself new quarters. Au revoir!"

With a final kiss blown to her new followers, the busty, superpowered, and decidedly immoral maid strolled out of the banks front doors. Her two "little helpers" followed closely behind, Nanny Contrary looking straight forward (though still wiggling her ass enticingly) and Girl Scout walking backwards to give all the childish little waves she could.

As soon as they had left the bank, the three superpowered women flew to the outskirts of the city in the blink of an eye. There, there would peace and quiet... and plenty of space to scheme.

"Hey, that reminds me," Girl Scout turned to her mistress. "Where are we gonna crash?"

Mighty Maid held the blond Kryptonian with a smoky, half-lidded gaze. It was almost enough to make the former Supergirl climax on the spot. "I already have zhe perfect place in mind. It vill need some dusting up, of course... but I cannot zhink of anyplace better."

"Ooh!" Girl Scout clapped her hands together, her mouth turning into a perfect "O" as she squirmed in excitement.

"Und vone more zhing, daring..." Mighty Maid said, her expression turning more sinister.

"Eh?" Girl Scout said blankly.

"Do not question me again unless I requezt eet. Eet is not ladylike." Mighty Maid's eyes narrowed. "Good zhing ve have a remedy for zhat..."

Before Girl Scout could even speak, Nanny Contrary dashed behind her and whipped a long metal ruler out of her sleeve. "Bend over, Miss Scout. We will need to instill some discipline..."

Chapter 7 by wfx

It was the screams that did it. Actually, they were more like screeches or yelps, full of pain, and pleasure, and power. Nanny Contrary, the former Mary Marvel, in her very squeaky Mary Poppins'esque costume, had a very supple wrist and she was using it to discipline Girl Scout, the once Supergirl, it and her long metal ruler, that was.

Mighty Maid watched, ever the voyeur, her breaths tight with enjoyment. This was done for her pleasure after all. She could appreciate naughtiness of course, but discipline was the watchword, discipline and avarice, greed, pettiness, cleanliness, of course, but discipline was good too. She had brought up a cloud of memory erasing dust, a halo around them in order to keep people away as this was a necessary distraction before they could leave with their loot.

"Obedience," Nanny Contrary repeated again, as she gave her mighty whack. There was a bit of shazam's magic in that ruler, but most of it was her pure technique. "is," another whack against that reddened rear end. "Bliss." She finished, as Girl Scout's eyes crossed again, the feelings reaching her brain and sending mind-altering shocks throughout. Of course, it wouldn't last, not even with twenty whacks. It would with others, but Girl Scout was endlessly naughty. It just seeped back in, though she always did it for her mistresses. They always ended up back to this point, not that Mighty Maid minded in the least. She chortled as the young woman yelped again.

The yelps were on such a high frequency that anyone with a kryptonian background nearby would have heard, would have been unable not to hear. That's why the buxom, white costumed heroine with a hole upon her chest arrived. Power Girl stumbled on through the dust cloud and suddenly looked very confused. She'd heard some noise. Someone needed help. From.. well someone, and then she was... Well where was she?

Mighty Maid laughed and laughed. "Zhis is such a gift for moi. Some days zhey just like up for moi!" She sauntered over, waving her duster back and forth across the confused Power Girl's face. "Let us fix you, oui?" Her accent came in and out but when she was really working it seemed to fade. She undid the costume, pulling it down past the breasts, unleashing them for the world as Power Girl stood there helpless, her memories ready to be unwritten.

"You have ze teeeeeny tiny breasts, but are very smart!" Power Girl nodded, believing it even though she didn't physically change. Her self perception did. "Look up. Up. Into my eyes!" Mighty Maid tittered. "Good, now I am going to wave my duster back and forth and put air into your breasts, making them bigger, but as I do, the air will enter your mind as well." She began to do just that, waving her magic duster back and forht at super speed across the nipples of the superheroine.

Power Girl began to squirm but stood still, feeling her breasts grow larger with each wipe, though, of course, they really didn't. They were already their normal size. With each wipe, she felt the air enter her brain too. Finally she was a giggling mess with her chest jutted out and Mighty Maid stopped. "Now, look down at your breasts!" And she did, and once she did, she realized how huge they had become (though they were the same size as ever), and realized how much air had to have enter her mind and what an airhead she was. She squirmed, twirling her hair idly.

Mighty Maid laughed again. "Look good! You're not even human anymore are you! You're more air zhan human. You're Bimbette, my Bubble Boobed Blow-Up Doll, aren't you? You neeeed me to zhink for you!" Power Girl, her identity shattered, floated half an inch off the ground, moving up and down slightly, her mouth a perfect o as she nodded. Mighty Maid laughed again. "Tres bien, Bimbette! You may carry our loot as we go to our new hideout!"
  1. They go and find a hideout
  2. Of course another hero shows up

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