Posessing powers - Andrews power

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Posessing powers - Andrews power

Andrew was walking home from school. He was 5'11 and had brown hair and grey eyes. He was quite muscular. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and black shorts. He had his bag over one shoulder. He decided to take a short cut to his house through the forest. His home was in a clearing away from the main town.

Whilst walking through a strange old man walked up to him in a purple robe.

"Boy i have seen the prophesises. You shall inherit my power. You shall be able to posess anyone at any time. Close your eyes and wish and it'll happen. Snap when you wosh to leave the body."

Suddenly, the man disappeared into a purple smoke that entered Andrews body.

"Andrew closed his eyes a bit freaked out by this encounter but ready to try out this new power.
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