Tome of Hyper Shortstack Transformation. - Arcane/League of Legends

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Tome of Hyper Shortstack Transformation. - Arcane/League of Legends

Parent Chapter

Originally a tome meant to increase the height and figure of a rather shy sorceress that is until a group of mischievous and curvy imps got their hands on it. Getting her hands back on the tome frome the imps she found nothing wrong with her tome she cast the spell. Expecting herself to grow taller she finds herself becoming smaller until she is only a foot and a few inches tall, with some truly massive breasts and an equally giant badonkadonk. Those transformed by the tome will quickly come to view themselves as the sexiest thing in the world as well as becoming incredibly arrogant. The victims of the tome along with being incredibly arrogant, they view anyone over two-feet tall as nothing more than clumsy, unsexy, sticks. Those who have become Hyper shortstacks possess massive libidos fortunately all items of clothes they possess will alter to fit their new bodies though much sluttier in appearance.

Who in the world of Runeterra will find the Tome?

  1. Jinx
  2. Vi
  3. Caitlyn
  4. Councilor Medarda
  5. Seraphine
  6. Zeri
  7. Sevika
  8. Someone else.

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