Body Swapping - Dads invention

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Body Swapping - Dads invention

You were chilling at home in your room. It was 9am and you hadnt long gotten up
Your sixteen and have just finished your exams and are now on your holiday. You devide to go to the kitchen as you want to have some pancakes for breakfast.

You go downstairs and see your dad. He is 36 years old. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Hes very tall at 6'7 and muscular due to his love for working out. He has a thick beard and lots of body hair. He has abnormaly large feet from an experiment at work where they were attempting to enlarge things but accidentally shot him in the foot. He turns aeound and smiles at you.

"Oh hey son i was just about to call you, i made pancakes" he says in his deep voice.
"Thanks dad" you respond.
You eat the pancakes thn ask him
"Arent you supposed to be at work?"
He laughs.
"I booked a month off plus theres something i want to show you"
You look curiously at him and follow him to the basement.

"Heres my latest creation a machine that lets you swap bodies with people."

The machine had two pods connected by a metal cylinder. There was a screen in the middle.

"So i have a question bud do you wanna try it out?"
  1. Yes please!
  2. I dont know

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