A New Continuity - Enter Elisabeth

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A New Continuity - Enter Elisabeth

Elisabeth wasn't anything super special. Sure, nobody would say she wasn't very kind or that she didn't have some brains, and she definitely had a girl-next-door cuteness to her (especially with her pretty face), but there was nothing too extraordinary there. Fair-skinned, was hair over five feet tall, not to mention a little plump with perky C-cups. She was dressed in black flare pants, white sneakers and a blue tube top, and she had short strawberry blonde hair and soft gray eyes. Elisabeth was a junior in college studying to be a teacher someday; she loved working with kids and certainly had the makings for a fulfilling career as an elementary school educator.

Little did she know that was not to be.

Due to complicated, mysterious circumstances, Elisabeth's life will be irreversibly changed. In fact, it will be changed so irreversibly it will be as if it wasn't altered at all: a massive retcon.

The changes began when Elisabeth returned home to her dorm room after school. The first thing to be altered was...
  1. ...her age
  2. ...a physical feature
  3. ...her clothing
  4. ...her mind
  5. ...something else

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