Wonder Woman Hooker Adventure - Patrol in the Red Light District

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Wonder Woman Hooker Adventure - Patrol in the Red Light District

Originally this interactive story was started by giffgirl69 and the site Superstories. The site is no longer functional so I decided to bring the story here. Being enable to contact all the authors that contributed I rewrote the parts I had not written.

That evening Wonder Woman was patrolling the red light district of the city. After the Justice League put down a white slaver ring, some weeks ago, she felt it was not enough. For personal reasons, she was very concern about the prostitutes fate. To her they were slaves at the hand of evil men on the client were low life that deserved punishment. She wanted to help them to get out that awful job. But of course she knew that things were more complicated than that. That the law didnÃÂt allow her to kick the ass of every client and pimps just for being what they were. She knew too that getting a prostitute out of the street was not as easy as it sound.

Before doing anything she had to learn more in order to better understand the life of those women. She decided to have a talk with a hooker that was at the nearby corner. That one was beautiful and dressed to bait men. She was wearing a black bra and mini skirt and black over knee boots with high heels. The skirt was so mini that her g string was visible. Her lips were painted in red in a way that made some looking. Her platinum blond hair were falling down to the lever of her waist. She really looked like a dirty wet dream.
  1. Wonder Woman hidden desire is to be a hooker
  2. Wonder Woman wants to go undercover to learn about the life of prostitute

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