Mother daughter swap - The beginning

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Mother daughter swap - The beginning

Theresa is 26 years old and lives with her 56 year old mother Bryony in a two bedroom flat. The two women get a long well but sometimes argue as all mothers and daughters do. However, Theresa is incredibly deferential to her mother and looks up to her a great deal.

Theresa has a petite figure, with small, pert breasts, modest curves and tight round arse - which she is secretly quite proud of.

Her mother has a similar figure, although her breast sag more, she's put on slightly more weight and her arse is a bit more droopy than her daughters. She is slightly envious of her daughters more young and tight body,which is much like hers used to be when she was that age.

Bryony often chatises Theresa for not wearing feminine enough clothes to flatter her figure. "Make the most of your youth while you have it!" she'd often say. However, Theresa preffered baggier and less revealing clothing. Often wearing big jumpers and dungarees.
Bryony would often wear tighter clothing, extenuating her modest curves. Nothing revealing though. Smart but flattering was her style. Her closet was full of pencil skirts, turtle neck jumpers, knee high boots and long button up dresses.
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