Teen Titans Beast Brute - Beast Boy is so horny

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Teen Titans Beast Brute - Beast Boy is so horny

Beast Boy moaned as he sat on his bed in Titan's Tower, and vigorously pumped the now gigantic thick green tiger cock that hung between his legs. He had been experimenting with his powers, and had discovered that he didn't need to transform his whole body into an animal. He could just transform part of myself. Like his head or his feet or a tail. And Beast Boy being Beast Boy, he decided to try out the dick. Now he had a gigantic throbbing tiger cock and a gigantic pair of tiger balls hanging between his legs, and it was making him so fucking hot and horny. Fuck, it was so thick and powerful. And it wanted... it wanted to fuck!!
  1. Beast Boy cums like mad
  2. He goes on the prowl for a mate
  3. He is interrupted
  4. Something else

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