Workplace Wonders! - A Fast-Food place

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Workplace Wonders! - A Fast-Food place

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List of characters:

Sandra - 40 years old, the manager. Obese and stern yet kind when she needs to be. Her weight and age are sore spots for her. Doesn't take any shit. Her biggest secret is she's descended from a long line of witches and knows a little magic.

James - 22 years old, just out of uni. Assitant manager to Sandra. Skinny, tall and lean. Bit of a perv yet also has self esteem issues. Wishes he was more than he is. Has had a one night stand with Monica from years ago. Biggest secret is he jacks off in the bathroom at work, thinking of his coworkers.

Katy - 18 years old, just graduated high school. Rich and forced to work here by her parents. Incredibly beautiful, blonde and slim with good curves. Rude and looks down upon everyone else. Biggest secret is she's bisexual and into sub/dom roleplay.

Jess - 17 years old. Short and Chubby, redhead with freckles. Kind and gets along with most people yet is very sensitive. Thinks of herself as a comedian. Likes anime and manga, bit of a nerd. Biggest secret is she has a crush on Mark, her coworker.

Mark - 18 years old. Sexually attracted to Katy. Bit of a jock, buff and tall. Massive ego and is very sexist. Only sees women for their bodies, if you don't have a good one then you're nothing to him, if you do then you're only a piece of meat. Hates Sandra, Jess, Monica and everyone else at work apart from of course Katy. Biggest secret is he steals money from the cash register.

Monica - 32 years old. Single mom. Just trying to make a living. Black and overweight but not as fat as Sandra. Is the most easy going one there. Gets along with Sandra, Jess, James and even Katy. Hates Mark due to his comments about her and his personality. Biggest secret is her child is actually James' from a one night stand.

Enrique - The janitor. 52 years old, short and fat. Poorest among them and hates everyone there but Monica. He's got very low self confidence and is extremely bitter about his place in the world. Biggest secret is he's gay, even though he's got three kids.

  1. Sandra catches Mark stealing from the cash register
  2. Jess catches Mark stealing from the cash register
  3. Katy insults Sandra
  4. Katy insults Jess
  5. Monica finds James' jacking off
  6. Sandra finds James' jacking off
  7. Enrique finds James' jacking off
  8. Enrique catches Mark stealing
  9. Enrique and Sandra have an argument
  10. James finds blackmail on Katy
  11. James finds some of Sandra's magic artifacts
  12. Sandra tests out her magic on Mark
  13. Sandra tests out her magic on Mark
  14. Monica and Mark have an argument
  15. More choices

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