The Milf Machine 3.0 - The Milf Machine newest version finds a new user.

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The Milf Machine 3.0 - The Milf Machine newest version finds a new user.

The Milf machine, the original found it's way to the apartment of one Marty Campbell who is sometimes his alter ego Helen Campbell, a sexy curvaceous Milf. He did have fun with the machine and still does. The previous tenant forgot to mention that he lost blueprints for his machine not that Marty cared.

Seems another kooky inventor made their own version of the Milf Machine, this version looked much different than the original but still made of older tech. It looked like someone combined a wireless ps2 controller, the upper screen of a Nintendo DS attached to the controller, and an extendable radio antenna. On the bottom of the controller the inventor made it much more simple to power the machine, just replace the batteries.

The machine itself had many options, but first how to use it. You simply hold the start and select buttons for 5 seconds and the upper screen powers on, you cycle through the options with the d-pad, R1, L1, L2 and R2 buttons,
modify your selection with the joysticks, and confirm your choices with the X or O buttons and revert them, if you choose to with the Triangle button.
There is one extra option though, if you press the square button your choices will be made permanent. You also select your target by extending the radio antenna and pointing it at your target.

The inventor sent it out to a random person, not bothering to test his own device knowing that the previous inventor did, and this inventor wasn't into testing it that way.

So who receives it?

(By the way here is the link)
  1. Gina Alvarezz, a petite 17 year old who is heartbroken finding out the guy she has a crush on likes older ladies.
  2. Hank Fredrickson, a 20 year old chubby loser having lady troubles, his troubles being no ladies were interested in him.
  3. Noah Jenkins, a 22 year old guy who's girlfriend is unaware of his lust for older ladies, she may or may not find out today.
  4. Carla Beaumont, an unattractive 26 year old woman, jealous of her peers being happily married or in relationships, doesn't help how they patronize her.
  5. Helen Campbell, Marty Campbell's alter ego, how will she react to this new version of her favorite toy.
  6. Someone Else.
  7. Someone Else.

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