The changer - The arrival

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The changer - The arrival

"Sir, we have reached planet earth!"
"Excellent, put us in orbit and activate the cloaking device. It's time to make life on earth a little more interesting."
"Everything ready, Captain!"
"Well, activate the changer!"
  1. All young women are getting curvier
  2. All young women are slowly losing their IQ as their feminine curves grow proportionally
  3. The breasts of all young women grow by one cup size every night
  4. All young women wake up heavily pregnant but completely ignore the pregnancy
  5. All young women wake up with big hips, big bums and big breasts. But only want to wear men's clothes without a bra. The women also wear men's hairstyles and behave like men
  6. All young women keep getting orgasms while they go about their normal activities
  7. All young women wake up with wide hips, big bums and breasts to find that they have orgasms while walking

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