Reality Remote - Who has the remote and what are they watching?

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Reality Remote - Who has the remote and what are they watching?

No one knows where it came from, it just appeared in the store. The particular store was called Titan TVs, they not only sold flat screens and 4k TVs, they also sold accessories for the TVs.

The remote was black with golden buttons, the writing on the buttons was a striking crimson color, again no employees knew where it came from nor did they care, just as long as they sold it their boss would be happy.

The store opened for another day of business, customers came in and out all day, walking out with either a new TV or a new remote, none even noticing the strange remote that just appeared.

The employees boss was not happy, he wanted that remote sold and he wanted it sold today. One employee finally decided to choose a random customer to persuade into buying the remote, this employee was Sarah Johnstone, a pudgy blonde in her mid 30s, she looks around the store and chooses.
  1. Martin Wolfram a 26 year old regular guy, he was wearing an Avatar The Last Airbender shirt that prominently featured Azula on the front.
  2. Chelsea Jameson, a 16 year old preppy bitch of a girl who looked like a lost Kardashian sister.
  3. Malcom Whitaker, a 37 year old fat slob of a man wearing an obscure anime shirt that looks like it needs to be washed.
  4. Rachael Addams, an uptight 42 year old Karen of a mom with her two toddlers who are running amok in the store.
  5. Henrietta Gould, a 75 year old spinster who loved nothing more than to watch old black and white movies from her youth.
  6. Jacob Futterman, a skinny 22 year old comic book nerd who lived up to the stereotype, holding a copy of the justice league animated series.
  7. More Choices.

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