Secret wish - First change

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Secret wish - First change

You are a twelve year old boy called Jack and you are just returning from a hard day at school. You walk in the door to see your mum cooking "hey mum" you say as you do "oh hi darling," she says "I've just finished doing your laundry and I put all yours and your sisters clothes in your drawers!"
"thanks, but where's my favourite jumper?" you say
"oh yes, some of your and your sister clothes are mixed up, still in a pile in the wash room!"
"Thanks mum!" you say as you rapidly make your way to the wash room. In your hurry to put your jumper on you put the wrong one on, it feels very tight but then, the upper half of your body starts to shrink and. the jumper fits you, you look down and see its a v-neck. this isn't mine you think to your self and quickly take it off, your body does not grow back! Your quickly put your school top back on and you return to normal. phew! you think

Suddenly you hear your mum call to you "I'm going shopping with your sister, we'll be back in about three hours!!" they leave the house and you notice that you have a very special power that you have been wishing for all your life, whenever you put someone's clothes on you would change into them. What do you do next
  1. Go to your sister's bedroom
  2. Go to your Pearents room
  3. Reader's choice

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