Take back the house - The invasion

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Take back the house - The invasion

Jack was a normal 13 year old boy, but one thing different about him is that he had a massive collection of outfits and costumes, he didn't wear them very much he just liked collecting them, he also had drawers and drawers of clothes, male and female clothes, another thing he had was masks and makeup, more than his sister! He kept all of these clothes costumes and outfits in a shed in his garden, anyway let's start the story!

It was a regular day for Jack's family, his sister was in her room, his dad was watching the TV and his mum was out shopping. Jack, however was in his room trying on a new outfit he bought, it was a Catwoman costume, after about ten minutes of admiring himself in the mirror he took it off and put it back in his shed. He was although unaware that a group of...
  1. A gang of bandits
  2. A group of woman
  3. A big group of sissies and drag queens
  4. A load of random animals
  5. Some naked woman

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