A Transformative Inheritances - More choices

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A Transformative Inheritances - More choices

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  1. As the next queen in line every women from your family is cursed to be a fertile in order to continue your royal rule. As queen you have the ability to change others but alas you can't change yourself.
  2. Every man in your family is forced to become a mans fetish should you look them in the eye. A curse from a witch who was cheated on.
  3. A woman is cursed to gain weight only to give it to others.
  4. A woman from a cursed family insults another woman. Should the person insult someone she will become like that person as a women.
  5. A person in the highschool book club has the ability to make his/her fanfiction effect the world thanks to a distant uncle who was gifted with the ability.
  6. Something else.
  7. Something else.
  8. More.

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