A Transformative Inheritances - A Character discovers that their family is cursed to shapeshift into another form

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A Transformative Inheritances - A Character discovers that their family is cursed to shapeshift into another form

Parent Chapter

"D-dad! What the hell was that?!? What happened to me?" Joe shouted terrified and confused as he wrapped his bedsheets around his naked body

The slim tall dark haired young boy couldn't stop shaking after his recent transformation

"Son, calm down. Everything's alright, I know you might feel shocked right now but this is something I had to go through as well" His father Dave, a middle aged and balding version of his son, said reassuringly

"What-what do you mean go through?" Joe asked, weirded out by the casualness of his father's reaction

"Is everything okay? I heard shouting?" Joe's mother Sandra, a petite blond woman in her mid forties, said as she came in

"Honey, it happened. He shifted." Dave said with pride

"He shifted? Oh gosh, Joey, you're all grown up" Sandra said elated

"Shifted? what the hell is going on?" Joe asked even more confused

"Honey, call Rick over. He should be a part of this" Dave said to his wife

"Of course, god, I'm so proud. What's his - oh I can wait until Rick gets here." Sandra said excitedly as she was leaving

"Can someone tellme what the fuck is this?!?" Joe shouted

"Language!" Sandra shouted back as she dialed on the phone

"Son, I remember what my first shift was like. Christ I almost fainted if it weren't for my father calming me down. Let me start at the beginning" Dave said as he sat on the bed

"Wait this happened to you too?" Joe asked

"Generations ago, I'm talking just after the revolutionary war, our ancestor allegedly made fun of a witch-" Dave started

"A witch?" Joe asked wide eyed

"It gets weirder, now the story gets muddled with every telling but allegedly the witch was his neighbour or ex girlfriend or some sort of relation, now our ancestor was a bit too full of himself and made fun of her appearance - my grandfather described her as having green skin, warts and the like but my father told me that she was just below average, frumpy you could say. Obviously the witch didn't take too kindly to this and cursed our ancestor with a spell, a spell that meant him and every man in our family would have to spend half of their time Transformed. In another shape, another person if you will." Dave explained

"wait so the men in our family are cursed to shapeshift?" Joe summarised, not believing this nonsense at all

"Plain and simply yes. The one who was originally cursed, well he ended up looking like a witch like my grandfather described, he had green skin, a long nose and of course was a woman. Imagine the witch from the wizard of Oz." Dave said smiling

"That...that's bullshit right?" Joe said placing a hand on his own forehead

"I know exactly how you're feeling, but how else do you explain how you woke up this morning - or should I say Afternoon, for Christ sakes Joe you can't sleep in this late when you're at university." Dave responded

"Hang on, if we can shapeshift, what can you turn into?" Joe asked, slowly understanding the idea

"Well Joe, you know your Uncle David?" Dave asked with a twinkle in his eye, standing up

"Of course, he practically lives here" Joe responded

"Would you say that he's been a second father to you?" Dave said with a wink

"...Yes" Joe responded, waiting for the reveal

Joe blinked and suddenly standing where his father was was his uncle David, a 6 foot 7 muscular black man with dreads, wearing his dads clothes

Joe felt as if he would pass out

"You?" Joe asked pointing

"Yes" David said in his baritone voice

"and Dad?" Joe muttered

"Yes" David nodded

"Are...THE SAME PERSON?" Joe gasped

"Yes, sorry about that David but we felt like it would be better to wait until you were old enough. Family secret and all, didn't want to shock you" Dave apologised

"Ricks on his way, *Gasp* you've shown him?" Sandra gasped excitedly

"Yep, he's just processing it" Dave said as Sandra wrapped an arm round his waist

"You know? Oh my god...that's why you-david is around so much. How have I never seen you two in the same room - how did I not make the connection?" Joe spat out

"we were more concerned about you walking in on the two of us whilst he's like this" Sandra smiled

"I really don't need to know that" Joe said placing his head in his hands

The door downstairs opened, followed by running up the stairs

Uncle Rick sprinted into the room, half naked and proceeding to strip into his underwear. Rick was a slim man who fancied himself a bachelor and ladies man, really he was just a handsome greying goofball.

"Has it happened? what is he? his first? What'd he get? What'd he get?" Rick asked as he got undressed

"Hi rick" Sandra said with an eyebrow raised

"Hi Sandra. Mornin' Joe. Have you told him?" Rick said turning to Dave

"I hit the major beats." Dave said annoyed at his younger brother

"Have you told him about my part?" Rick asked, grinning at his nephew

"Your Part? You shift too?" Joe asked his almost naked uncle, his shock turning into curiosity

"Damn right I do buddy, check this out" Rick smiled

Rick seemed to tense before his body stretched outwards, his skin rapidly growing grey fur, his mouth morphing into a gnarled snout and his hands growing razor sharp claws. Within 5 seconds he was a 9 foot tall werewolf who brushed the ceiling of Joe's room.

"Check it kid" Rick's wolf form snarled as he flexed a muscular bicep

"you're a werewolf?" Joe said stating the obvious

"Cool, right? Next time you hear about a monster in the area, just know it's me leaving a ladies house" Rick grinned a set of sharp teeth as Dave rolled his eyes

"Wait? You don't just shift into a person? You can be anything?" Joe asked

"It's random, My father could only shift two inches taller whilst his great uncle supposedly became a dragon - although that's more legend than anything" Dave said

"Some people are just lucky I guess" Rick said posing

"Knock it off, will you?" Dave said irritated

"You're just jealous because you don't get claws" Rick responded

"Boys, this is about Joe" Sandra said

"She's right, is there anything more we need to explain?" Rick asked

"Any questions?" Dave asked Joe

"A million" Joe blurted out

"Any questions about the change that aren't 'what if I turn into a fish and die outside water' or something like that?" Rick asked, almost reading joe's mind

"What do you mean spend half our time shapeshifted?" Joe asked

"Ah yes, you will have to spend half of your life from now on in your shifted form. It gets painful to spend too much time as you normally are, the more you put it off the more it hurts. I try to do a couple hours as Dave and a couple hours as David, switching on a schedule." Dave explained

"I just do 12 hours as a man, 12 hours as a wolf, nothing much too it" Rick added

"So we can spend how ever much time we want in our shifted form?" Joe asked

"Yes, although I wouldn't spend too long in your shifted form. The effects can be...unpredictable. It is magic afterall" Dave said

"Can we get on with it?" Rick asked

"With what?" Joe asked

"Your shift. Come on you have to show us!" Rick barked excitedly

"Don't rush him" Sandra ordered

"I do think its time he learnt how to shift. Joe, stand up for me" Dave asked

Joe stood up, still wrapped in bedsheets

"I-I don't know Dad-" Joe stammered nervously

"It's going to be okay son, take a deep breath, close your eyes" Dave said calmingly

"Now do you feel a knot, a small feeling in your chest?" Dave asked

"I think so, it's not that noticeable" Joe responded, following his fathers instructions

"You're going to want to untie that knot buddy" Rick said before being shushed by Sandra

"Relax, feel that knot unfurl and expand throughout your whole body" Dave said

"Will that transform me?" Joe asked scared

"Only if you do it, don't worry son, we're here" Dave reassured

Joe took a deep breath, with his eyes closed, he felt the knot unfurl

  1. Joe transforms into a beautiful woman
  2. Joe transforms into a buxom milf
  3. Joe transforms into a clone of his mother
  4. Joe transforms into a small effeminate sissy boy
  5. Joe transforms into an obese gilf
  6. Joe transforms into an African Amazonian woman
  7. Joe transforms into a body builder
  8. Joe transforms into a cat boy
  9. More choices

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